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East Durham Pie Company started as a small one-person operation in 2015 offering whole pies to-order out of a certified home kitchen in East Durham. Since then we've earned ourselves a reputation for making the Best Pie in Durham, and products can now be found around Durham and the triangle most days of the week! We provide a rotating selection of handpies to a number of local businesses all week long, and we offer pie-by-the-slice at pop up events.  AND we continue to take online orders for pies and pastries.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign in summer of 2016, East Durham Pie Company plans to open a shop in Old East Durham at 406 S. Driver Street in 2017. We are looking forward to serving coffee, tea and espresso beverages, pastries, a simple seasonal menu of lunch & breakfast items (and of course sweet and savory pies)!

Local Ingredients
We are committed to the belief that fresh, simple, high-quality ingredients are essential to good food. This starts with sourcing our products close to home, buying produce that is in season, and paying attention not only to how the ingredients we use are produced, but also to the quality of life of the people producing them. We make efforts to spend our money on ingredients go to folks who raise animals humanely, farmers who use sustainable practices, and workers who are paid for their skills and labor.
A big part of what makes our pies unique is that we treat the ingredients we use with the utmost care, making everything by hand. What does that mean? Using hand tools to carefully cut butter into flour, without the use of a food processor. It means rolling each pie individually with a rolling pin and without the use of machinery. It means buying whole fruit and processing it in our own kitchen. This gives us true attention to detail, and allows us to feel and inspect and know that every product we make pays homage to the folks who gave us the ingredients and the people who will enjoy the final result.
Living Wage
We believe in sustainability when it comes to the ingredients we use, our packaging, and our practices, but perhaps most importantly, we believe in quality of life for our employees. We want our employees to be able to afford their basic needs including rent and healthcare and as such, we are Durham Living Wage Project Certified. You can read more about the Durham Living Wage Project and the number of Durham businesses who have committed to this project on their website: www.durhamlivingwage.org