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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We currently operate out of a certified kitchen in East Durham and while we do not currently have a storefront but expect to open our shop at 406 South Driver Street in Summer of 2017.

Where can I buy a handpie? What kinds of handpies do you have right now?

Our handpies can be purchased at several locations in Durham (and Chapel Hill!). You can find a complete updated list here. Our handpie variety changes every two weeks, the best way to find our current offerings is by following our social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram

Where can I buy a whole pie?

You can purchase whole pies for delivery within Durham city limits via our website

Can I pick up my whole pie order?

Because we do not have a retail storefront we do not have a space for customers to visit us and as such we currently only offer delivery within Durham city limits. We do offer delivery outside of Durham for orders of $75 or more, or we can make arrangements for whole pies to be picked up during one of our Pop-Up Slice Shops, which happen weekly. 

I'm looking for a specific pie but I don't see it on your menu, do you do special orders?

Due to the size of our operation we are only able offer the pies available on our current seasonal menu. For larger orders of 8 pies or more we love to offer expanded menu offerings, though we definitely like to keep it seasonal. If you would like to place an order for a special event please fill our special events form and we will be in touch with a menu for the date of your event! 

Where can I buy a slice of pie?

You can grab a slice of pie at our Pop-Up Slice Shop! Sort of like a food truck without a truck, we bring our pies to locations around Durham for customers to enjoy. You can catch us at our weekly Pop-Up at Ponysaurus Brewing Co. or at other less frequent events. Find out about our upcoming Pop-Ups by following us on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) or check out our website here.  

When are you opening your storefront? Where will it be?

In January of 2017 we signed a lease on a space at 406 South Driver Street, Durham, NC 27703. The shop is located at the intersection of Driver Street and Angier Avenue, you can read more about the history of this awesome turn-of-the-century building here. There's lots of work to do (framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, countertops, flooring, painting... the list goes on and on) but we're hoping to open our doors in Summer of 2017!  

Do you make savory pies?

Not yet! But we will when we open our storefront!

Do you have gluten free/vegan options?

Due to the current size of our operation our menu is streamlined to a single product that contains lots of butter and plenty of gluten. Our goal is to always offer a high quality products and we are currently recipe testing in hopes of expanding upon our offerings once we open our storefront.