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sometimes referred to as MS Your PC Windows Mobile and Microsoft In order to utilize “WindowsPhone App,” a Windows phone companion known as “aka. ms/yourpc” links your smartphone to your Windows PC “to gain access to all the data on your phone, including messages, gallery alerts, apps, and many other things.

We’ll go into greater depth on how to connect your phone to a computer using MS Link Phone.

On www.mslinkphone.com, we’ll go into depth on how to connect your phone to computers, so stick with us.

  What Is Aka Ms. Yourpc?

Aka Ms Yourpc:

Beware you Windows 10 will already have aka. ms/your phone on your device if you have installed an update prior to the close of 2018. If there isn’t, you should take the following steps.

If it’s been installed, it will be displayed on the screen as “your phone application.” If you’re working on a computer you can access the phone’s settings.

Because of an error, you may be unable to connect to www.aka.ms.your phone via this page.

 Phone Companion Link App Requirements

System Requirements:

They are required to allow this app to work. Microsoft Phone Link app to function properly:

  • Android Version 7.0 (Nougat) or higher can be installed onto any Android device.
  • A PC that runs Windows 10 (or Windows 11) and an update to May 2019, or later.
  • Your computer and phone should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Aka Ms Yourpc:

To ensure you enjoy the best experience possible using Phone Link, to ensure you have the best experience possible with the Phone Link application It is recommended to always run the most current version of Windows installed.

Interestingly, a lot of Android identity and school accounts aren’t yet compatible with the Phone Link application.

Make sure your PC is nearby and on, as well as connecting to the WiFi network as both your Android smartphone and your PC.

How To Link Your Devices, If You Start From Your PC:

  • Enter “Phone Link” in the taskbar search box and click the menu to pick it. PhoneLink.
  • Microsoft account sign-in may be required if you’re not already enrolled with Windows. Microsoft.
  • Link to Windows is available for Android devices.
  • Open the Android device’s browser by clicking www.aka.ms/yourpc on your computer.
  • The Windows mobile app’s user portal login uses the same Microsoft account as your PC login.
  • After logging in, choose QR code pairing under the “I have Linked to Windows app ready checked” on your desktop.

Note: Connect manually on PC. To link your phone using QR code. It asks for a code. Android asks for an identification.

  • Your computer will display a QR code window.
  • Link your Android mobile app and PC.
  • Does your computer scan QR codes?
  • Continue.
  • The app requests camera access.
  • Permission starts the app’s camera.
  • This camera can scan the computer-displayed QR code.
  • Scan your QR code for further Android permissions.
  • These rights let you access phone-to-PC content.
  • Follow the Android device screen prompts to choose Done.
  • Check your PC’s Phone Link app when you return.

 How To Link Your Devices, If You Are Adding Another Android Device:

  • Launch Google Play. If needed, open Google Play Store, search for Windows Link, and download the program.
  • You’ll have a computer-displayed QR Code.
  • To view the QR code, visit www.aka.ms/yourphoneqrc on your PC.
  • Use your Android phone’s camera app to capture the QR code on your PC.
  • Clicking your QR barcode prompts a list of authorizations.
  • These permissions provide computer access to phone content.

Aka Ms Yourpc:

What Are The Benefits Of Linking Your Phone To A Windows Application PC?

 Aka Ms Yourpc:

In the following order:

Users can easily transfer files from their mobile to their computers this is the initial and foremost benefit. The idea of sending yourself all the important files is not necessary Dropping and dragging files are significantly faster and easier.

  1. Android users can browse text messages, WhatsApp messages, or other messages on their computers through a notification pop-up, and then reply to messages via a similar interface. When the app is launched, users are able to read or respond to messages.
  2. More than 2000 images are now accessible instantly for Android users on their phones to their desktop PCs.
  3. To copy content from one device to paste it on another device, make use of the cross-device copy-paste feature. There is no requirement to duplicate. You can take the image from your PC and then copy it to your Android device.
  4. Users can now make and receive calls from their personal PCs. Furthermore, they can utilize the microphones and speakers of their personal computers to answer phone calls. This means that there is no need to keep your phone at hand to listen to calls.
  5. Users can utilize their computers to access apps quickly that are downloaded on their mobiles. If you own a computer with internet access then you can use apps to browse and play games, chat with friends, and much more on the larger screen of your computer and keyboard. It’s also possible to multitask.
  6. To use the features All you need to do is configure your device and change the settings. Be aware that these features are only available for Android phones. Apple’s security blocks Microsoft not connecting to iPhones made by Apple. It’s difficult to establish reliable and consistent sync due to.

  How To Link Phone To Windows Using Your Phone App?

Aka Ms Yourpc:

Connecting Your Android Device To Windows 10 – Video

Your Phone Companion App – Phone Link Application

Your smartphone companion application is the most effective. It’s also available on your PC. You can gain access directly via your PC to all the things you want to access on your mobile. Download your Phone Link app on your Windows PC, then install the Link to Windows software on your Android phone to connect both devices.

To make calls and get calls*, view and reply to text messages keep track of your notifications, and much more Connect the Android handset to your personal computer.

Transfer your favorite images between your smartphone and your PC, eliminating the need to send yourself images. With no need to touch any phone device, you can edit, copy and even drag and drop images.

How To Download And Connect Aka.Ms/Yourpc App For Android 7.0 And Above?

Visit the link https://aka.ms/yourpc  

Aka Ms Yourpc:


How do I sync my Android phone to my computer?

Enter your phone number into the search box on the taskbar Then select open the Phone Link app from the listing of results. Decide on Android. Linking your devices requires you to log into the Microsoft accounts, and this needs to be identical on both your computer and Android device.

What is Microsoft Phone Link and do I need it?

Microsoft developed the application Phone Link, formerly known as Your Phone, for Windows 10 to let users link Android smartphones via Windows 10 devices. It allows users of a Windows PC to make phone calls as well as send SMS messages and view the latest photos from phones that are connected to it.


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