Akimbo Card Login On Mobile App & Customer Service


Because of its convenience, security features, and contribution to the battle against terrorism funding, the Akimbo Card has grown in popularity. It is a terrific technique to stop money laundering and terrorism while yet allowing people to shop safely.

You can issue a new prepaid Mastercard with no annual cost after confirming your identity and agreeing to their terms of service. This card can be used everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted to make purchases in-store or withdraw cash from an ATM.

Akimbo Card Login

With the Akimbo Card, you may log into your account and access your money from anywhere. It also makes it simple to send money to loved ones or add more money to your card. Because all transactions are secure, the simplicity of logging in with an Akimbo Card also gives piece of mind.

What Are The Benefits Of The Akimbo Card?

Akimbo Card helps people manage their money. It requires all financial institutions to record account-openers’ names, addresses, and birthdates.

  • This lets consumers manage their funds and restrict access to approved people.
  • Activating the card requires a license that ensures security and gives consumers financial management.
  • This card lets users transfer money between accounts, pay bills online or in-person, and set up automated payments.
  • All of these features make the Akimbo Card a great money-management tool.
  • The card has a Mastercard International license and is FDIC-protected.
  • The Akimbo Card’s automation makes linking your card and bank account easy.
  • To activate the card, follow the website’s instructions.
  • After then, using your digital card means you agree to Akimbo Card’s terms and conditions. Reserved rights.
  • Customers may safely manage their finances using Akimbo Card.
  • This card’s user-friendly interface, automated functions, and security safeguards are all benefits.

Akimbo Card Login

Akimbo Card Login Card Account On Mobile App

To manage your spending, set up direct transfers, and check the amount on your card, utilize an unique prepaid card known as the Akimbo Card. Downloading and using it are easy with its own PIN. The correct sign-in procedure entails 5 stages.

  • Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.https://play.google.com/store/apps/
  • Click the app once it has been downloaded to your phone to establish a connection.
  • your user name here
  • Enter your password here.
  • Select “Log-in.”

Akimbo Card Login

Akimbo Card’s FDIC membership protects its security and reliability. Questions? Call 1-855-925-4626. Customers who ask for cards receive genuine ones, expanding accessibility.

Due to its direct deposit feature, Akimbo Card has made it simpler for customers to retrieve their money effectively,

 Customer Service

Akimbo Card’s customer service is top-notch. They know using their card means accepting the Terms of Service and are ready to handle client questions.

Customers may download the Akimbo app to link their bank account and set up a card using the app or the web.

The Akimbo like defending their trademarks and service marks. If you need help using your card, please call or email our customer support.

  • 1-855-8-AKIMBO (1-855-925-4626)
  • San Antonio, TX, 78270


How do I contact Akimbo Card?

Phone 1-855-925-4626.

Why is Akimbo not working?

The sponsor firm that provided you with your card and/or loaded it may have restrictions on where you can use it. You can ask your sponsor or contact customer service at [email protected] or 1-855-449-2273 if there are any such restrictions.

How do I retrieve my Akimbo?

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us straight away at 1-855-9-AKIMBO (1-855-925-4626) to report it missing. To stop any fraudulent activity, a customer service representative will be able to put a hold on your card at that time.

Can money be refunded to Akimbo Card?

Any credits for goods or services purchased with the Card will be given in accordance with the specific refund procedures of the merchants and will be applied as credits to the Card. It can take up to seven (7) business days for a credit you receive to be added to the available balance on your card.

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