Can Family Members Use One SRD Grant Address?

 Can Family Members Use One SRD Grant Address?

Common Address For SRD Grant Recipients

New rules have been put in place by the South African Social Security Agency to manage the Social Relief of Distress. The recent spike in grant applications prompted the creation of these requirements. The surge in applications is partly attributable to the high unemployment rate.

Common addresses are not a problem, despite the fact that some properties have several beneficiaries. Additionally, the government has started staggering payments based on an ID’s final three numbers.

The SRD and a dedication to resolving the underlying causes of these inequalities are requirements for these funds. Racial or ethnic health disparities initiatives must deal with these issues.

Projects must address verified systemic racism or prejudice in order to be eligible for SRD funds. Different levels of health outcomes for minority populations are a product of these systems, which have an impact on health inequalities. For instance, the rates of student suspension and expulsion are insufficient to be considered SRDs.

Can Family Members Use One SRD Grant Address?

Requirements For Applying For A Grant

If a home is unemployed or shares a communal space, they may be entitled to get an SRD. They must submit their name, last name, and all member ID numbers in order to apply. They will get a message on Whatsapp outlining the next steps as soon as the application is approved. The applicant must provide Sassa permission to verify all personal information.

The Committee was informed by the Minister of Social Development, Youth, and Children (DSSD) that 500,000 more children had left school as a result of the AIDS pandemic. Before the AIDS outbreak, there were 230,000 dropouts. By May 2021, there were 750,000 dropouts.

 Limitations On Eligibility For A SRD Grant

While everyone qualifies for an SRD, eligibility is determined by a set of standards. The SASSA will review the applicant’s online banking information from specific databases, including bank accounts, at To be eligible for the grant, the applicant must be at least 18 years old and a household member.

The ID numbers of the applicant’s parents must be verified by SASSA if they do not have a bank account. If a household’s SRD is not renewed automatically every three months, the applicant risked losing their SRD.

A family member who receives R350 or more in financial support from a member is also not eligible for it. If the applicant does not interact with the agency every third month, the SRD will automatically expire.


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