Hays CISD Parent Portal Login, Reset Password| PSS & SIS

Logging into the Parent Portal for Hays CISD is easy. Simply go to the website supplied by hayscisd.net and click on it to access your account. Enter your credentials after that.

 About Parent Self-Serve Portal (PSS)

Parents and guardians can examine information about their children’s academic records online, update their contact information, and personalize their notifications using the safe and practical Parent Self-Service Portal.

Parents can view and manage student educational information using this online portal. The Hays Consolidated Independent School District (CISD) website offers the portal without charge.

Parents can access the features listed below by logging in with their campus self-serve username and password:

  • View details on student grades, attendance, bus schedules, and other crucial information.
  • Keep up with upcoming events, auctions, and Board of Trustees meetings.
  • They can connect their personal accounts to the student one and edit contact information.
  • if customers experience any problems accessing their child’s information or making changes on the portal, it offers additional troubleshooting advice.

HCISD Or Hays CISD Parent Portal Login

Hays CISD Parent Portal Login

 How To Reset HCISD Password On the Parent Portal

Changing your password is a simple process.

  • At the login screen, click the “Forgot Password” option to continue.
  • The user name and email address connected to your account will then need to be entered.
  • After entering these data, you will get an email with instructions on how to reset your passcode.
  • Create a new password that is at least 8 characters long using a mix of capital and lowercase letters, digits, and special characters.

Make sure to carefully preserve your new password once you’ve changed it so you may later re-join the services.

 How To Make An Online Registration For Parents

Hays CISD Parent Portal Login

 New Student

If you have never sent a child to Hays CISD, your family is brand new. Click the link “Create PSS Account for New Family” on the portal where you sign up for online registration to create an account. You can log in and complete the process once you have made this.

Returning Student

  • You are a returning family if your kids have attended Hays CISD in the past or currently.
  • Please visit our Parent Self-Serve page to create an account if you don’t already have one. Please ask your campus for assistance if you can’t recall the information.
  • Please get in touch if you have a child who was enrolled previously.


Employees with TEAMS access must enter their computer login/LDAP user name and password that were provided to them by Technology in order to access Registration.

Even if you haven’t utilized Parent Self-Serve previously or had a child in the district, don’t create a new account. You must log in with your LDAP or PC credentials.

 Hays CISD Mobile App

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Transportation Or Bus Information Hotline

Hays CISD Parent Portal Login

Call 512-268-8479, the Transportation Division’s main number, and input extensions 46044, 46046, 45122, and 46076 if you are unable to reach them. Or send an email to [email protected]

Hays CISD does not make available information about bus routes and stop sites as an additional safety precaution. The PSS portal at www.hayscisd.net allows parents to find out information about the student.

HCISD Student Information System

The Student Information Systems (SIS) Department of the HCISD manages student data and ensures staff access to it by offering support, resources, and training to advance academic achievement among students.

The SIS team oversees the management of student information, including enrollment, demographics, attendance, grades, and special programs. Technical support and training in the upkeep and reporting of student data are given to the staff.

My Words

The CISD Calendar is something I’m really looking forward to using. The ability to automatically set up notifications for forthcoming events during the school year makes this tool quite helpful for Hays ISD teachers. We can now access the calendar online even more easily thanks to ClassLink, which greatly simplifies the process of setting up our classrooms. I wholeheartedly urge all Hays ISD teachers to utilize the services!

The technology device protection plan is available for purchase by parents and students to help defray some of the expenses of lost or damaged equipment.

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