How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

Explanations of terms

  • SASSA: South Africa Social Security Agency
  • SRD: Social Relief of Distress

You can get the SRD R350 grant to purchase the products you require. Stores that accept Pick-n’Pay and Boxer Stores are both great locations to receive your rewards. After you’ve registered, just wait for an SMS to confirm the payment point. Then, you can begin using these new collection points. Boxer along with Pick n Pay has partnered with SASSA to make this process as simple for the recipients.

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

 How To Get Your Grant R350 With Bank Account

Sassa Grants Permanent

The following steps apply for permanent beneficiaries of the grants listed below:

  • For those who are elderly
  • Allowance for Disabilities
  • Veterans of war get a cash grant
  • Care allowance for dependents
  • Grants for Foster Children
  • Payment for child support
  • Grant-in-aid

Beneficiaries who wish to receive their grant directly into personal accounts at their banks need to submit an Annexure C asking for their R350 grant to be paid directly to their bank account.

It is important to know that the bank application is not able to be completed via any online portal. The beneficiary as well as the bank of their choice have to fill out the form. It must be then returned to the bank’s office.

The recipients are required to:

  • Print the form.
  • Bring it to your bank, fill it in, and then stamped it.
  • Send your application to the SASSA regional office to facilitate the capture of bank accounts and processing.
  • The agency will transfer funds directly to the bank account when the written request has been completed.

Beneficiaries need to submit the form at their local office as they will require biometric information in the shape of fingerprints in order to confirm the request to alter the method of payment or bank information.

 SASSA R350 Cardless Withdrawal

How To Access Your R350 Grant Anywhere

Since the beginning of 2019, when SASSA decided to revoke their prior card for security concerns and issue a Gold card instead, those who didn’t acquire the new card by the deadline were told to go to any post office to get it. The procedure would take 10 minutes.

Grantees might withdraw and pay at various times.
The leaflet advises anyone who wants their money in their preferred bank to call their bank for help.
Millions have avoided inadvertent deductions when the new gold card was introduced. reports that by May 2020, more cashless ATMs can be introduced to help social grant recipients.

  • Cash Send or Ewallet is an SASSA SRD award payment option after its restoration.
  • Approved applicants can use ATM cards at partner banks to withdraw their grants.
  • The candidate needs simply their application cellphone number.
  • RICA must have the applicant’s phone number.
  • The organization seeks to check applicants so they get the right bank or Ewallet accounts.

SASSA had trouble getting National Treasury approval to buy anything that would allow bank ATMs to accept SRD at a set price.

It didn’t. Instead, they requested the impacted to enter their preferred bank information or be switched to the postal office’s default bank.

 Can I Collect My R350 At Shoprite?

Yes, you can pick it up at Shoprite following this instruction:

  1. You have to present your identification as well as your cellphone number to receive this grant in the nearest Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, or at specifically selected OK Foods. The number must be the same number you registered in SASSA. SASSA database.
  2. To protect yourself from fraudulent transactions, for security reasons, OTP confirmatory message can be delivered to that address before you are allowed to withdraw money.
  3. Grants will be offered to start in March 2022 and will be available to those who have signed up online, or through the Post Office. In-store registration isn’t possible.

How To Collect R350 At ATM

There are a variety of ways to get funds at an ATM machine. Beneficiaries who don’t possess a banking account or are not able to access the ATM machine can select any of the four institutions mentioned below:

  • FNB E-wallet
  • ABSA Cash Send
  • NEDBANK email
  • Applicants who have been approved can update their SRD grant payment method or banking information at After clicking this link, scroll to the bottom until you come across the subject line “How do I change my banking details?”
  • Enter an ID code. Then you will receive an email with the secure link specific to the mobile number you gave in the process of applying.
  • If you opt to pay via a bank, ensure that you own the account. SASSA is not able to deposit the grant in the account of a different person.
  • If you decide to transfer money via one of the banks that are major be sure that the mobile number that you received the text message is registered to your name. The agency cannot transfer the grant to the mobile number which is registered to anyone who is not yours.
  • Keep in mind that the bank account information you have changed can only be used to make future payments once they are confirmed.
  • You can also collect your grant in Pick n Pay or Boxer Stores.




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