How To Cancel SRD Sassa R350 Grant

How is it possible to terminate an SRD Sassa R350 Grant account? If you want not to continue using Sassa banking, you may. However, many South Africans find it challenging to cancel for a number of reasons. If you completely grasp how to carry out this canceling action, you can do it without difficulty.

How To Cancel SRD Sassa R350 Grant Application

It’s challenging for many South Africans to withdraw their application. In order to accomplish so, the candidate must

  • Go online to, the SASSA SRD website, and select the “cancel my application” link.
  • They won’t get any further money or consideration for the grant after they’ve done this.
  • They’ll have to hold off until the subsequent application period.

They might wish to rethink their choice if they believe they underestimated the number of applications to be accepted.

You may decide to return your Sassa R350 for a variety of reasons. You must revoke your grant application if your situation has changed and you are no longer eligible to receive grant money. You need to notify the SASSA of this modification in order to withdraw your application. Your reference and identity numbers must be entered.

If you’re unsure of how to accomplish this, get in touch with the Sassa right away and inform them that you’ve chosen to withdraw your grant application.

How To Cancel SRD Sassa R350 Grant

Once your application is accepted, you’ll get a pin code. Enter the code to cancel. SASSA will email or SMS you to confirm your cancellation. After that, wait for payment. The special welfare grant ends in June.


Scroll down to “Cancel My Application.”

In the yellow bar, click “Online Cancel.”

  • Enter ID.
  • Enter your number.
  • Menu: “Send Pin”
  • You’ll get a PIN by SMS.
  • Insert the code.
  • Menu: “Verify Pin”
  • Menu: “Cancel My Grant”

You may be on the R350 payment schedule, so verify its status.

 Why Should I Cancel My Sassa R350 Grant Application

If you applied for an R350 grant but were denied, you may question why you should reapply. SA Social Security Agency encouraged furious grant applicants to reconsider.

This scholarship is available to qualifying applicants. If you’re “canceled,” you must have no incoming income for a new payment cycle.

SASSA can help if you applied for an R350 grant but weren’t eligible. Contact their helpdesk with queries. When deactivating an application, you must supply your cellphone or ID number. Without these information, they won’t offer you money. The end.

SASSA can be revoked for many reasons. Cancellation may happen from job searches, increasing income, or ineligibility. Follow the instructions below. Applicants have 24 hours to withdraw.

 Where Can I Cancel My Sassa R350 Grant Application

You have the option to withdraw your application for the R350 SRD grant Sassa online whenever you change your mind. Visit the “cancel my application” tab on the SASSA website.

After locating the cancellation option, fill out the necessary details to request cancellation of your application and submit it. Once filed, the cancellation process cannot be changed, therefore pay close attention to the instructions. Your cell phone number and ID number are also required.

If your situation has changed, you can also withdraw your R350 grant application. You should notify SASSA right once if your circumstance has changed or if you are no longer in need of the funding. Your payment will be stopped, and the company will let you know.

This is a simple procedure that simply calls for a brief application. Trying to figure out how to withdraw your application can be worthwhile. After all, if it was caused by something else, it was probably not your responsibility.

You must terminate your Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress award if you recently got a job. This can be done in a few straightforward steps. You must click “verify my phone number” after entering your ID and mobile number. You will receive an SMS with a six-digit one-time pin shortly after (OTP). Just enter the OTP in the required form and press “submit.”

Can I Apply Again If I Cancel My Sassa Grant

Then, absolutely, it is correct. Your login can be terminated via the SASSA website. Click the “Cancel My Application” link to accomplish this. As proof, enter your South African ID and phone number. Several days will pass while you wait.

You must first stop by the closest SASSA office. Bring all of your supporting documentation to the officer in time for the second month’s payment if you are granted approval. You can lose out on the second or third month’s worth of food deliveries, vouchers, or cash if your application is rejected.

You can ask to have your grant extended for another three months if you’re still qualified. The application form is not accessible online, but you can get one at the SASSA office closest to you.

Unless you no longer require the grant’s assistance, you shouldn’t withdraw your R350 grant application. If you withdraw your request for financial aid, SASSA will stop paying you and withdraw your application.

Will I Still Qualify For R350 Grant After I Canceled SRD

10.6 million applications have been submitted for the new cycle of this program after the government decided to modify the rules. Following the processing of other social handouts, it will start to be paid in mid-June. People who qualify for the program and need assistance but can’t afford their monthly expenses will still receive funds from it.

You must be low- or no-income eligible and make less than R350 per month to qualify. Although you do not have to reapply every month, you must let SASSA know if your situation has changed.

Although you must do so in accordance with SASSA’s regulations, canceling your application will not affect your eligibility for SRD Sassa grants. In contrast to the application, once you’ve canceled it, you cannot change your mind.

 How Do I Close My Sassa Account?

By calling the helpdesk or via WhatsApp, you can cancel your SRD grant. Keep your registration information and ID number close at hand. You won’t get paid again unless you reapply after you cancel your application. Notifying SASSA is the next step. By Thursday afternoon, after the business is over, the agency will react to your inquiries. Follow the instructions to close your SASSA account to accomplish this.

  • Visit the SASSA website.
  • Enter your South African ID number and click the “Cancel my application” link.
  • If you submitted your application online, you must also include your mobile phone number.
  • If you received an OTP code, enter it.
  • Then click “Cancel my application” once the page has loaded.

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