How To Change SRD SASSA Phone Number

Change SASSA Phone Number: How Do I? Because they were unfamiliar with the Sassa process for changing cell phone numbers, many customers found this transaction to be challenging. Although it is easy to alter, there are some systemic requirements that must be met.

How To Change SRD SASSA Phone Number

There are a few steps you must follow if you decide to alter your Sassa SRD grant R350 phone number. You must be signed up with the Sassa site in order to update your phone number. You can sign up to get notifications through the toll-free call center once you have done so. You should first try to alter your name in Sassa if your phone number is not Rica.

Changing your bank account is the first step in changing your Sassa phone number. Your award will not be deposited into another person’s bank account by Sassa. You must therefore give your personal details.

How To Change SRD SASSA Phone Number

You should change your payment method once you’ve finished each of these steps. Previously, you had to reapply for the R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award if you couldn’t use your previous bank account. After you have reapplied, you might want to change your strategy.

It is important to highlight that the South African Social Security Agency has taken note of the problem with the current cash transfer payment option and is striving to find a feasible solution.

If you can’t wait that long, you may either pick up your grant money at the post office or have it deposited into your bank account.

 Updating Your Payment Method On Sassa’s Website

On Sassa’s website,, updating your payment method is now a straightforward procedure. The modification was made this year when Sassa reopened the beneficiary application procedure.

Beneficiaries could previously only modify their payment method during specific intervals, such as the first week of each month. But now all months are included in this window. Beneficiaries must have an active cell phone number in order to use this new option.

Your payment method can be modified by:

  • entering your bank account details on the website of the South African Social Security Agency.
  • You will receive an SMS with a secure link after inputting this information.
  • Enter your identity number and reference number on this page to modify the information on your bank account. This information will be used to process your application.
  • When your application is approved, the SASSA grant R350 will credit your account and send you the funds.
  • The adjustment will have an effect on COVID-19 prize recipients. As soon as you get the money, make sure your cell phone number is registered in your name.

Thankfully, Sassa is taking measures to resolve this issue. Reps from Sapo will be on hand at the pay sites to assist beneficiaries with their PINs. As long as you maintain the accuracy of your banking information on, payments will be sent into your personal bank account.

Find out when you can get the funds by looking at the Sassa SRD payment dates.

 Applying For A Grant Without A Bank Account

You must register for an account if you want to apply for a government grant.

  • You must input the Funding Opportunity Number, or FON, which can be found in the project summary’s upper right corner.
  • Highlight it and then right-click to copy it.
  • Return to the registration page after that and select the paste option.
  • Copy the FON number, then type it into the box provided and press submit.

Avoid falling for con artists that want your bank account information or Social Security number to complete an application. Websites that request payment for tasks you may easily accomplish for free should be avoided.

Be cautious of websites that want payment in exchange for personal information as well because these are frequently phishing scams. Making sure the website you chose is reliable is the greatest method to stay away from them. Avoid being duped by offers of uninvited personal grants. These are almost certainly scams and not from the government.

For some awards, using a credit card is an easy choice. However, certain grants need to be paid through a bank account. You can also use a debit card or another method, like a cheque or money order.

Once you’ve met all the conditions for the application, make a note of the submission deadlines. When your application for Sassa status check banking details is submitted, the office will inform you of the next move.

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