How To Withdraw Sassa Srd Cash Send?

Some recipients want to know if their SASSA grant can be withdrawn without their cards. SASSA cards are issued by the Post Office (Post-Bank of South Africa), to beneficiaries of SASSA grants like Old Age Pension grants and Child Support grants. This card allows applicants to withdraw money from ATM machines at partner banks or shop select shops in order to pay for goods and/or services.

The SASSA card is required to physically present the card in order to withdraw or make payments. Many shops accept credit cards to make payments.

Where And How To Withdraw Sassa Srd Cash Send

Website information:

  • You must register your phone number under your name.
  • If not, you may forfeit Post Office payments.
  • Sassa has addressed the issue, which is good.
  • Sapo staff will assist beneficiaries set up PINs at pay locations.
  • Update your personal data.
  • Since applying, you must update your financial information.
  • Food packages or coupons are SRD handouts.
  • Some provinces offer R350 cash aid.
  • ATMs and cash advances allow money withdrawal.
  • Income and spending influence your payment.
  • To withdraw money quickly, you need identification.

 You can withdraw your money from an ATM if you are one of the SASSA R350 grant beneficiaries.

 Apply For A Sassa R350 Grant On WhatsApp

  • You may be a beneficiary asking how to withdraw money from your Sassa SRD account.
  • It took time for SASSA to reinstate social alleviation of despair awards.
  • Many individuals are using cash transfers to retrieve their money while the agency works on it.
  • It may take months.
  • The SRD R350 grant withdrawal method has numerous advantages.
  • Money arrives faster.
  • South African Social Security Agency manages R350 SRD grants.
  • Your SRD grant application will be accepted through SMS after submission.
  • You’ll get your first paycheck.
  • Second, large banks send cash.
  • SASSA needs a cellphone number for fraud checks.
  • However, you cannot withdraw money with a number registered with another bank.
  • If you cannot withdraw cash from an ATM, you need a bank account.
  • Online status checks were diverted to due to COVID-19.
  • Payment will follow verification.

 SASSA SRD Payments at ATM without a Card

SASSA has restored the SASSA R350 grants payments via Cash Send or Ewallet. The grant can be withdrawn at an ATM of a partner bank by approved applicants without the need for a debit card. To apply, applicants only needed a mobile phone number. All applicants must have registered or RICA’d their mobile numbers. SASSA wants qualified applicants to receive grants in the correct and verified accounts. This applies regardless of whether the accounts are bank accounts or electronic wallets.

SASSA encountered difficulties when they applied for National Treasury approval to purchase the SRD R350 grants. SASSA requested that those affected submit details of their preferred bank accounts or they would be automatically switched to the default payment method of the post office.

Cash Send users are now waiting for several months to receive their payments, pending verification of their payment methods. You can expect to receive your cash at the post office if you haven’t yet submitted your bank details for Cash Send or Ewallet. Only those who have been approved and provided payment dates are eligible to receive their payments from the post office. To process payments, a system was developed that uses the last 3 digits of an applicant’s ID number. This website displays the post office payment dates for each month. The January payment schedule is the most recent.

How to withdraw sassa money at an atm

  • There are Cashless ATMs available everywhere.
  • When inserting the card into an ATM, ensure that the electronic chips face upwards on your SASSA card.
  • Enter the four-digit PIN you received into the ATM and ensure it is correct.
  • If the PIN is correct, the ATM machine will allow withdrawals up to the amount of your card.
  • You can also use this to make payments
  • Two receipts are generated for a successful transaction: one for each party and one for the merchant. The money is collected if you have exchanged goods or services in return for money.


How do I collect cash sent from Sassa?

A registered number for your cellphone and proof of identity is required. Millions of R350 SRD grant beneficiaries have the option to shop at Boxer and PicknPay. However, you must wait for an SMS from Sassa to confirm the availability of your funds.

Can I withdraw Sassa money without a Card?

SASSA has made Cash Send and Ewallet available payment options since the reinstatement of SASSA SRD 350 grant payments. Approved applicants can withdraw their grant at an ATM of a partner bank without having to use an ATM card.

Can I collect my SRD grant at any post office?

South African Post Office strongly recommends that beneficiaries include the following option. SRD grants will not be distributed at Post Office branches. Those who have previously reapplied to their SRD grant may still pick it up at any Pick & Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, or USave location.


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