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I pledge Login for Patients It is a full system developed by the FDA to help patients who receive prescriptions for specific medications that require additional monitoring. This includes birth control, treatments for severe acne as well as pregnancy tests. To ensure the usage of these drugs The I PLEDGE REMS Program demands that pharmacists, prescribers, and patients have access to vital information on risk factors, side effects, and the proper usage of the drugs. This iPledge System also provides educational material for patients regarding contraception counseling as well as other measures to protect themselves.

  Open The Website And Follow The Instructions

  1. Open www.iPledgeprogram.com to go to the iPledge page.

 Select The Button And Fill Out The Information

Ipledge Patient Login

What Is The Benefit And Purpose Of The IPledge Program?

Patients who are taking Isotretinoin during pregnancy may benefit from it. If pregnant women don’t use this medication in a proper manner and their children are born with handicaps.

Due to this medication, serious problems like miscarriage or premature births may occur following childbirth.

If a woman is taking the drug isotretinoin her children could experience these issues:

  • Facial deformities
  • The skull is shaped in an abnormal way.
  • Disfigurements
  • Cleft palate
  • Anomaly-functioning eyes, ears, and noses
  • Breath problems
  • Speech problem
  • Problems with thinking and intellectual disability
  • Problem with walking
  • The auditory canals are not functioning properly.
  • Heart issues
  • Brain damage
  • Immobility

Here are some possible situations where your child could die. This could happen to babies therefore, you should make sure you are taking preventive steps and precautions first.

Way To Reset A Forgotten Password

Follow these easy actions to modify your password successfully:

  1. Go to www.ipledgeprogram.com, the iPledge enrollment site.
  2. For a password reset To reset your password, click on the link in the screenshot above.
  3. Please enter your user name, then click ” Send”.
  4. Please follow your ” Forgot your password” instructions on the next page.

Register For A New Account

 Ipledge Patient Login

 Customer Services


What happens if I miss my iPLEDGE window?

If you do not complete your I PLEDGE window The consequences can be severe. The FDA stipulates that to receive prescriptions for medicines for treating severe acne patients must first be enrolled in the iPLEDGE REMS.

The program is intended to stop the occurrence of pregnancy by making patients make use of two contraceptives and undergo regular pregnancy tests.

If a patient does not show up for their iPLEDGE window they are not eligible to receive their prescription until the next window opens.

They must also be guided by an iPledge Pharmacist or Prescriber before they are able to access the iPledge portal to replenish their prescription.

In addition, patients should be aware of any potential adverse effects that could be associated with the medicines they’re given. For instance, the iPledge REMS Program and its elements – like counseling and regular pregnancy tests are required to fulfill any prescription from an IPMG prescribing physician.



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