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Using JCP Meevo Login, employees can conveniently access Associate Kiosk accounts and perks. After reading this article, you will understand how to use this website to obtain and print pay stubs, payroll, and w-2 forms. Let’s move forward!

 What Is JCP Meevo?

An online resource for managing payroll and human resources is called JCP Meevo. With this solution, employers can carry out a variety of duties from the convenience of their own computer or mobile device.

The JCPenney Associate Kiosk provides access to online job ads, payroll, time and attendance, and worker-specific data in addition to the JCPenney Please Authenticate at In addition to these benefits, employees can also get email-delivered human resources information.

This article will go into more information about JCP meevo login and This automated login speeds up operations for both the business and its employees.

 JCPenny Associate Kiosk Login Guide

Please follow the detailed guidelines below to properly log into your JCP Meevo Associate Kiosk Account:

  • Visit the website
  • Select “Associates Kiosk @ Home” from the menu.

JCP Meevo Login

Change Or Reset Login Password

JCP Meevo Login

 Activate JCPenney Login Account

JCP Meevo Login

JCPenney Meevo Login For Kiosk Former Associate

Former JCPenney employees are only allowed access to the JCPenney Associate Kiosk online web portal for a period of 18 months. For security reasons, access is only granted to former workers for 18 months.

The staff can access the JCPenney associate kiosk site and download the relevant documents after being expelled from the JCP company and its network.

Former employees who have been granted restricted access can log onto the JCP associate kiosk to check their W-2 forms, pay stub histories, tax-filing instructions, and more. Following are detailed instructions for using the JCPenney Kiosk for former employees:

  • Former coworkers each have a login page.
  • To access it, go to the JCPenney Associate Kiosk login page first.
  • If you slide down a little, you’ll see the “Former Associate KIOSK” choice in the Former Associate section. choose the options tab.
  • Enter your employee’s username and password.

JCP Meevo Login

The 11-digit password is frequently created by combining the user’s birth year, birth month, Social Security number, and JCP term phrase. For example, JCP05872545 might be the password.

  • JCP is an acronym for JCP Affiliate.
  • The worker was born in the month of KIOSK 05.
  • The employee was a 1987 entrant.
  • Social Security Number 2545 of the employee.

After establishing their identity, former workers can view their W-2, paycheck, and W-2C records at the Jaime JCPenney kiosk.

About JCPenney

840 J. C. Penney sites can be found in 49 states and Puerto Rico. It is a network of American department stores. It was established on April 14th, 1902 by James Cash Penney and William Henry McManus.

Its main office may be found in Plano, Texas, at 6501 Legacy Drive. Fine jewelry, Sephora, The Salon by InStyle, and everyday goods are all available at JCPenney. Many leased departments, including optical stores, Seattle’s Best Coffee, and photo studios, are typically housed in JCPenney locations.

 JCPenney Associate Kiosk Benefits

  • JCPenney employees get great savings.
  • JCPenney workers get 25% discount.
  • Everything is 30% discount for JCPenney employees.
  • Using JCP Associate Kiosk, you may view the administration’s work schedule.
  • You can print an electronic W-2 form to report salary taxes.
  • JCPenney offers pension, health, and dental coverage. They’re available to the worker’s family.

JCP Meevo Login

 JCPenney Paystub

View & Print JCP Paystub On JCPenney KIOSK

  • Select “My Money” from the menu in the JCPenney Kiosk web portal after logging in.
  • To find the option to view paychecks or paystubs, sort the results using the bank account and date selector choices.
  • To display the selected paycheck after sorting, please choose “Preview.”
  • The “Print” option is now located at the bottom.
  • Click on the pay statement to print it.

 View Paystub Details

JCP Meevo Login

JC Penney Electronic W-2 Tax Forms

If you are a JC Penney Associate, you will receive your year-end W-2 tax forms electronically, making management much simpler. You can access the “My Money” section after logging in using the JC Penney Associate Kiosk login page.

After that, click the W-2/W-2c Consent button. Following that, you will receive information on how to obtain your W-2 Form. Wait until it gets available first. Click the “OK” button to continue. You can also ask for new copies of the W-2 forms from the current or preceding year.

Use the self-service option on the JCP Kiosk and select “JCP W-2 Reissue Request” under Payroll and Compensation to accomplish this. Similar procedures are followed, except former JC Penney Associates are required to check in at the Former Associate Kiosk. The Former Associate Login is still accessible up to 18 months after the official closure date.

 Customer Service

Helplines For J.C. Penney Meevo Associate Kiosk

  • The following contact details will assist you to get in touch with the JCP Meevo helpdesk:
  • Paycheck and Powerline problems 1-88-890-8900
  • For misplaced Skylight Cards, dial 1-888-606-9800.
  • worries about garnishment 1-866-324-5191
  • For W-2 assistance, dial 1-800-567-9248.
  • To request CCC employment verification, dial (855) 901-3099.
  • 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • from Monday to Friday.
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • If you have a tax problem, dial 1-800-567-W24U. (9248).
  • To get in touch with the JC Penney corporate office, dial 1-972-431-1000.
  • Human Resources (HR) at JC Penney can be reached at 1-888-879-2641.
  • [email protected] is the email address for the HR department.

JCP Meevo Login

  Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the JCPenney associate discount?

To earn 25% off, pay with cash, a JCP gift card, or a JCPenney credit card. Choose any other payment method and receive a 20% discount. You can also combine your JCPenney coupons with employee discounts, promotions, and clearance sales (which is most of them.)

Why is my local store closing?

JCPenney carefully examined its retail footprint during the reorganization process before making the difficult decision to announce the closure of more than 170 shops in 2020. We will continue to operate the majority of our stores and our primary website,, to ensure that our loyal customers can continue to get access to the products and brands they need and want.

Will JCPenney and Sephora gift cards continue to be honored at closing store locations?

  1. Customers can still use their gift cards at any JCPenney-affiliated Sephora location that is open to purchase products from Sephora.
  2. Customers can continue to use their JCPenney gift cards in-store, online, or at any JCPenney, location to purchase JCPenney products, including JCPenney Beauty.
  3. Customers can still utilize their unused Sephora gift cards in JCPenney stores through 1/29/23.
  4. Gift cards won’t be sold in select locations where stores are closing.

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