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By using the Medishare provider portal login, you may verify member eligibility, manage your bills, and find a provider from anywhere in the world.

 About The Medi-Share Provider Portal?

 The Advantages

It enables you to devote more time to patient care and less time to administration. You receive a single page where you may swiftly complete the essential daily tasks.

You can perform the following online with this service:

  • Check the member’s eligibility and benefits.
  • Send in your claims, then check on their progress.
  • Send in your service or permission request and check on its progress.
  • View your HEDIS outcomes.
  • Access Providers’ Lists
  • Get Documents Specific to a Provider
  • Additionally, you may stay up to date with our most recent news, resources, and applications.

Medicare Provider Portal Login Step-By-Step Instruction For Members

The process of logging in to the provider’s website is straightforward. All the services, including managing patient medical information, submitting claims, viewing payment history, and more, are available after you log in.

  • To select the greatest choice for you, adhere to the instructions listed below.
  • Go to to access the provider portal.
  • Press the Login button
  • A username and password must be entered.
  • Select the Sign-in button after that.

Medishare Provider Portal Login|

  Reset Password

Medishare Provider Portal Login|

Mychristiancare Provider Login For Medi-Share

Following these steps will allow you to sign into your account on the Christian Care provider website:

  • visit to access the official website.
  • Go to the tab bar and select “Medi-Share”
  • You have now been transferred to the Medi-Share provider portal website; just
  • ‘Sign In’ tape button
  • select the Login button.
  • the user name and password you entered
  • Select “Sign-In” once again. Now it’s finished!

Medishare Provider Portal Login|

How To Register For The Christian Care Portal To Access Online

You must first register in order to access Medishare Christian Care.

  • Go to to see the MyChristianCare provider page.
  • Select “Register Now” from the menu.
  • Enter your personal information to register.

Only compatible browsers, such as the most recent versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, are able to access the web pages. Other browsers won’t function properly.

Phone Number For Assistance

The following phone numbers are available for calling the customer care department:

  • You can also contact EDI technical support by phone at 1-800-845-6592.
  • Call (800) 264-2562 for Member Services for any other programs.

Press Inquiries

A provider may also dial (321) 308-7777 or complete the Pre-Notification form and send it back. To speed up pre-notification, kindly fax any pertinent medication records to (321) 722-5135.

Additional Info About Medi-Share

It is a Christian Care Ministry, Inc. non-profit healthcare-sharing organization. Members voluntarily contribute to each other’s medical costs in accordance with policies CCM has developed and is in charge of enforcing. Medi-share does not qualify as insurance and is not governed by insurance laws.

The payment of any medical expenses incurred by another person is not required by the law of CCM or of any user. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act participants are exempt from the individual requirement.

Some states exclude healthcare-sharing ministries that issue a notice among other conditions from the insurance regulations. Despite not relying on such stated exemptions, it has chosen to post these alerts.

Members must instruct their providers to pre-notify Medi-Shares for any of the following treatments in order to be eligible to share Medi-Shares:

  • Inpatient hospitalizations
  • Non-emergency methods
  • Procedures for the heart that are optional
  • either cancer screening or treatment (including medication)
  • Organ and tissue transplant services
  • It is necessary to notify navitus in advance of any specialty medications (including infusions/injections given at home or at a doctor’s office) by calling 1.833.837.4306.

 Medicare Member Services

Members have chosen Medi-Share for a number of reasons, including:

Good Governance

Most customers are able to drastically lower their annual medical costs, giving them more money to assist their families and the Lord’s mission.

Not Providing Support For Unbiblical Lifestyles

Abortions, drug abuse, or other unbiblical lifestyles are not funded by users or their donations.

Sharing With Christian Brothers And Sisters

Knowing that a Christian will receive your monthly portion is satisfying. Users are aware of the genuine impact they are having on a Christian sibling or sister. Prayer and the often delivered cards and letters provide those receiving these presents a significant boost in their time of need.

My Words

MediShare supports adoptive families by covering adoption expenses. Since joining in 2010, they have expressed their satisfaction with the organization, the coverage, and the level of customer service.

I am ecstatic to inform you that I have just finished putting Medi-Share, a health insurance substitute, into effect in Montana! The wonderful service enables people and families to share medical expenses with other family members. Being insured by Medishare is comparable to it.

The pre-notification process was easy to understand. Now that I am a member, I am looking forward to enjoying all the benefits.


Are Christian Care Ministry and Medi-Share the same thing?

Member Responsibilities and Amounts

It is a nonprofit health care sharing mission run by Christian Care, Inc.

Owners of Medi-Share

The Medi-affordable Share healthcare plan is exempt from the mandate to get health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Currently operating in all 50 states, Christian Care Ministry has 317,576 program participants (as of October 2017).

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