My Ascension Employee Login Portal Benefits

Even if you forget your password, the My Ascension Employee Login website will walk you through the process of logging into your Ascension employee account. In this post, you can also learn how to access the Ascension Rx app and get customer service contact details. Let’s start now!

 What Is MyAscension Employee Portal?

It grants MyAscension staff members access to a number of internet services. It also includes information on the person’s identity. The MyAscension web portal also provides information about the company’s open roles, news & updates, Ascension benefits, etc.

It was established as a charitable Catholic institution. It was the largest Catholic health system in 2018 with 165,000 personnel, 151 facilities, and $552.69 million in operating profit on sales of $22.63 billion. Ascension’s CEO in 2018 was Anthony Tersigni. By the end of 2021, Ascension will have 142 hospitals and 142,000 workers.

My Ascension Employee Login

Benefits Of MyAscension Employee Portal

The advantages of having a MyAscension Portal account online are numerous. Here is a short list of some of those:

  • Employees with MyAscension have constant access to their W-2s, pay stubs, and tax records.
  • They can view customer service and sales benchmarks for Ascension.
    Workers can also change their work schedules.
  • Availability of nearby Ascension Technologies service desk items during testing, research, and development.
  • tracking of leave requests and absences from work.
  • The employee also receives access to news, reports, and updates on the MyAscension employee portal.

Once you have completed the MyAscension Benefits, let’s discuss how to log in to the MyAscension Portal at

My Ascension Employee Login

MyAscension portal Authentication needs:

  • Enter this URL to access the MyAscension employee portal.
  • The MyAscension Portal requires a functioning User ID and Password.
  • internet browser
  • a trustworthy internet-connected desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Login Guide

  • Visit to access the My Ascension Employee Portal.
  • User ID and password are required.
  • To complete, click the “LOG IN” button.

My Ascension Employee Login

Reset MyAscension Employee Portal Password

Right-side login page, click “here.” MyAscension Employee Portal

Enter your employee portal user ID and captcha text.
Menu “Next”

Follow the next steps to restore your MyAscension password.

My Ascension Employee Login

Access MyAscension Employee Account Via Mobile App

Access to the MyAscension Employee Portal is also available through the MyAscension Mobile app. To make monitoring your medications as comfortable as possible, Ascension Rx offers a mobile application that you can use while on the road.

And if you have to bring a list of your meds to a doctor’s appointment, here’s all you need to know. We can provide emergency care that works with your schedule for you and your family round-the-clock thanks to MyChart Online Care.

Get the help you need online with two-factor authentication at home, at work, or when traveling. You can get 24/7 personalized support from Ascension Online Care by using a doctored video chat on your mobile device.

Uses for the Ascension Rx app include:

  • View a list of every prescription you have, together with details like the number of refills left, the prescription number, the dose, and the expiration date.
  • Stock up on medication for you and your family, then quickly scan the label with the app.
  • Get notifications when your recipe is prepared.
  • Transfer medications from other pharmacies to Ascension Rx
  • You may quickly specify your settings and search for local Ascension Rx pharmacies.
  • Set up a routine for taking your medications.
  • Consult the healthcare providers who will determine
  • Get the Ascension Rx app right away to stay up to date on your medications wherever you are.

My Ascension Employee Login

 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Ascension Activation Code?

In order to receive an activation number, complete the Ascension MyChart Access Form at your doctor’s office or on the form provided to you at the hospital.

Note: Call your primary care physician to get an activation code if you didn’t receive one during your visit, or ask to sign up at your next appointment.

How much does the CEO of Ascension Health make?

Ascension Health’s CEO in St. Louis, Missouri, made $13.6 million; the Kaiser Foundation’s CEO in Oakland, California, made $10.7 million; and Northwestern Memorial HealthCare’s highest-paid executive in Chicago, Illinois, made $10.6 million.

Does Ascension offer employees a 401k plan?

If they fire you, they will get everything back because you didn’t have enough vesting time. They will match to a percentage.

What tool do you need to unlock an Ascension account?

A complete ban from the MyAscension Employee site might occasionally happen if there are too many failed password attempts. Always wait if the website is unavailable or access is limited. To simultaneously unlock your account and reset your portal login details, use Ascension Health Password Manager.

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