My Intellimali Login On Student Portal, Reset Password & Update Bank Details

 To access the Intellimali student website, please click the link PIN: Your PIN; User ID: Your Student Number After you successfully log in, your homepage will show up.

Log in as Intellimali to the university’s student site at using your Identity Number and PIN.

To finish the registration of your bank’s details, open your email and click the link for verification.

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 About Intellimali Student Portal

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the versatile Intellimali Student Portal login. It also outlines how to get to your Intellimali dashboard.

Current and prospective students can manage their financial loans, allowances, and bursaries using this student site. This student portal is crucial because it enables prospective and current students to manage their financial aid.

Through its solutions and products that use IntelliCard and IntelliCell, privately held IntelliMali specializes in the payment and management of funds.

It was established in 2009 to lessen the strain on Chief Financial Officers and Financial Aid professionals at South African higher education institutions. Since its founding, it has expanded significantly.

It is 51% owned by Black people and has Level 2 B-BBEE classification. Our clientele’s various needs are met by a skilled team of business managers and administrators that run the company.

What Is The Portal’s Purpose?

The student portal has the following benefits when put to use for its intended application:

Receivers should have access to a simple and useful method for managing their allowance, loan, or bursary money and making all of their necessary purchases.

 Who Is Allowed To Use?

Those on the list can use the Intellimali student portal.

  • Student participants
  • new first-year college students
  • returning or ongoing learners

 Intellizone Or My Intellimali Login

Logging into Intellizone or Intellimali is a straightforward process. The webpage is the same because Intellizone is powered by Intellimali. Please adhere to this advice:

  • Launch your web browser.
  • Please click the link to access the Intellimali student login page.
  • Username: Your Student Number; PIN: Your PIN
  • Your homepage will appear after you successfully log in.
  • Click the items on your homepage or dashboard to see the current status of your academic progress and fee payments.

My Intellimali Login

Recover Your Forgotten Password Or Pin For Intellimali Student Login

Follow these steps to retrieve your PIN online if you’ve forgotten it:

  • visit the webpage for my Intellimali portal.
  • selecting “Forgot PIN”
  • You must first enter your ID.
  • button labeled “Check Eligibility”
  • In the next step, you will be asked for your phone number.
  • There will be a password display.

My Intellimali Login

You can also reset your passcode by providing the number from your ID or passport. You will get an email with directions on how to recover access if the database locates your email address.

 Update Or Register Your Bank Details On Intellimali

 App Download APK

IntelliCell app. IntelliCell lets account holders manage Intellimali allotments. You can:

  • View balances, request payment vouchers, and get SMS notifications.
  • Data-check
  • Update financial information (available only to holders with a cash allowance)
  • Make meal bookings using the system (available only to holders who are linked to the meal booking system)
  • Activate Intellimali (only available to holders with cards that can be registered)
  • Hotel payment (available only to holders with an accommodation allowance)
  • Retailers within 10 km.
  • PIN changes
  • Browse transactions.

 The application is available on Google Play and the Apps Store

Intellimali Contact Address To Deregister An Old Device

Intellimali contact address is below information:


How do I activate the Intellimali app?

  1. Download “INTELLICELL” from the Huawei Store, Google Play, or Apple’s iStore.
  2. Use the five-digit PIN you were given at the start each time you go shopping or withdraw money.
  3. You can make FREE purchases of food and other items from any store with this device.

Can I transfer money from Intellimali to a bank account?

Cash payments can be sent via our system to the individual bank accounts of recipients. Then, they use their preferred banking card or payment method to redeem the money from their bank.


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