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My UFV Login offers steps to follow for accessing your account even if you’ve forgotten your password. It also explains the procedure to register for MyUFV courses , and also contact our support team for customer support for further assistance. Keep reading for more details!

  • MyUFV is the name of University of Fraser Valley’s online student information system.
  • You’ll enjoy many benefits and privileges only available for University of the Fraser Valley students who are UFV student.
  • In order to ensure that only you have access to access your student’s records Keep the student identification number secret and secure.
  • It’s easy to register for classes once you have logged into the Student Portal MyUFV.

What Is My UFV?

MyUFV is University of Fraser Valley’s online student data system. Registration for students, grade checking and tuition payments is all made possible through MyUFV.

Students are also able to verify and change their personal information through MyUFV and also their financial aid details. Your UFV email username and password is required to sign into your MyUFV Student Portal. This can be accomplished by visiting the MyUFV login page , or on the portal’s home page.

The portal’s tools and resources are available for you to access after you log in, such as:

  • Your information about yourself as an academic
  • Materials for the course and information about grades
  • Updates and news from UFV
  • Details on campus activities and events
  • It’s the UFV Library’s Reading List

A university that is a public institution located in Canada that has campuses located situated in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission in addition to Hope, British Columbia, the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) used to be known by various names, including University College of the Fraser Valley and Fraser Valley College.

My UFV Login

It was determined that the Fraser Valley required more vocational education, so Fraser Valley College was founded in 1974. It became a university college that was able to confer degree programs in 1988. In the beginning, it was called”the University College of the Fraser Valley and grew quickly and eventually became one of the biggest institutions of higher education in Canada.

In April of 2008 the provincial government gave full university status in response to the increasing demand for higher education within the state and in the region. Over 15,000 pupils enroll in the present year.

UFV was awarded the most “A Rang” marks of all postsecondary college located in British Columbia in the 2010 The Globe and Mail Canadian University Report. It scored A marks for its quality of instruction as well as faculty-student engagement and the ease of registration.

UFV Student Login Portal Benefits

You’ll enjoy many benefits and privileges that are only available students of the University of the Fraser Valley students as an UFV student.

One of the benefits is the ability to access scholarships and bursaries only available to members and discounts on travel, entertainment, and even textbooks.

These benefits are designed to aid your academic success and financial stability, so that you can concentrate on your goals and get the most out of every minute you are at UFV.

Students can benefit from these benefits and begin to build their future easily thanks to The MyUFV student Portal. Students can use it, for example applying for financial aid or gain access online to the course materials.

 Login Instructions:

Follow the basic steps to complete the Blackboard UFV login, as doing so will simplify the process of logging into MyUFV. MyUFV portal:

  1. Visit the site to login to MyUFV. MyUFV portal.
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Select the “LOGIN” button.
  4. If myUFV detects more than one attempt to sign into your account using the wrong password, it’ll suspend account access. login. The account is locked for 30 mins after an event happens.
  5. Please contact with the IT Service Desk if you haven’t been able to log into your account after 30 mins.

My UFV Login

Reset Password

  1. Select the “Forgot your password?” link to access UFV identity service. Forgot password? login to the University
  2. Input your student number or employee number.
  3. Select the “Next” button.
  4. You grant UFV permission to forward your security key to the contact email you supply

Notification: If you do not wish to make use of this option or you haven’t yet set up an account for your personal email yet, seek assistance by contacting our IT Service Desk.

My UFV Login

Register For Courses On MyUFV

Before you register ensure that the $200 registration deposit has been in your account looking at your MyUFV account summary in the Terms folder in MyUFV. Holds will be placed on your account in the event that you attempt to register prior to the time your deposit has been processed.

This hold is released and you will be granted access to your registration after the money is processed and transferred into the student account.

It’s easy to sign up for classes once you have logged into the MyUFV, the student portal. MyUFV. Add the following classes:

  1. In the “Registration” section on the MyUFV page, click”Add or Drop Classes” from the MyUFV webpage “Add to or Remove Classes” link.
  2. In the drop-down menu, choose the term you wish to sign-up for classes.

Customer Service

It is possible to access your UFV account following the instructions above, however, it is impossible to solve technical issues by yourself. If you’re having difficulty connecting to your UFV student login page Try refreshing the page. If you are unable to access the site then you should talk to the UFV regarding how to log in to MyUFV.

  • Website Official UFV website:
  • Official UFV login URL:
  • Password Reset Link:
  • Contact UFV via contact us via email: [email protected]
  • IT Service Desk email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 604-864-4610
  • Toll-free: 1-888-504-7441, ext. 4610
  • Meet an IT Service Desk representative: Abbotsford Campus, 33844 King Rd Building G Room 131, or Chilliwack Campus, 45190 Caen Avenue, Building A Room 0006

My UFV Login


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