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Through the Centura health patient portal login, patients are provided with a secure and convenient means to access their medical information online. MyCenturaHealth is a safe online platform that makes it easier to monitor your health. Patients can access their medical records at mycenturahealth practices and hospitals with a single login and password provided by Centura Health Physician Group.

 What Is A Centura Healthcare Patient Portal?

Through the Central Healthcare website, patients may arrange for their first, second, third, or booster dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine. Please contact one of the numerous primary care offices in your area if you wish to make an appointment but are not a patient of Centura Health.

To improve the management of clinical and non-clinical information at mycenturahealth, Centura CEOC developed this website.

You may find physicians, refill prescriptions, and access your electronic health records (EHR) in a variety of additional ways using the MyCenturaHealth site. Every patient with access permissions has 24/7 access to the Centura Health patient portal every day of the week.

The EHR is a key component of Centura Health’s Next Generation Electronic Medical Records (NGEMR) initiative. Through the NGEMR project, doctors may use a comprehensive approach that enables the electronic sharing of health information from pre-admission to post-discharge.

Patients may view their information online in the same way as if they were in the doctor’s office thanks to Centura’s EHR system’s full web connectivity.

 Official Centura Health Patient Portal Login Steps

You can also do the following using the mycenturahealth patient portal login:

  • Look over your current prescriptions, vaccinations, allergies, illnesses, and lab findings.
  • Your health record should be printed and saved for future use.
  • You can check upcoming appointments and get reminders at participating locations.
  • You will be informed when your record’s data is updated.
  • You can contact your Centura Health Physician Group provider using secure online messaging.

Please adhere to the health patient portal’s login instructions.

  • Visit the Centura Health official patient portal at
  • Your username and password should be entered on the right side of the page.
  • To finish, simply click the Sign In button.

Official Centura Health Patient Portal Login

  Reset Your Centura Health Portal Details – Password

If you can’t remember your password, attempt the easy procedures listed below to try to get back into your account:

  • Please visit the official website at the aforementioned link for the patient portal, MycenturaHealth.
  • Choose the Forgot Password option next.
  • Then click the Submit button after entering your First Name, Last Name, Social Security Number (the last four digits), and Birthdate.
  • For password recovery, carefully follow the instructions.

Official Centura Health Patient Portal Login

 Retrieve the Mycenturahealth Login Username

Please follow the guidelines below if you need to regain your account username.

  • Visit the MycenturaHealth Login official website.
  • To change your username, click “Forgot Username.”
  • Your first name, last name, social security number (SSN), and birthday must all be entered.
  • Click the “submit” button after that.
  • To recover your username, please follow the instructions on the next page.

 With Activation Code

Official Centura Health Patient Portal Login

  Without Code

Official Centura Health Patient Portal Login

Information About A Mobile App

It’s quite straightforward to examine and manage your health records using the aforementioned site.

You can download the official app from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. On any Android or iOS device, patients and family members can download the Centura Health patient portal and access it online.

Many of the services found on the Centura Health patient portal are present here, such as the ability to check test results, send and receive messages from doctors, book and confirm forthcoming appointments, and view visit summaries from earlier visits.

Additionally, it enables users to pay for and request prescription refills. They can also receive an overview of their health and planned preventive care appointments, view billing bills, and settle any outstanding balances.

  About Centura Health | Colorado Springs

  Access Your Medical Records

The majority of records can only be accessed with a MyCenturaHealth account. To receive secure and convenient access to information from your electronic medical record, create an online patient account. You can download or share records with others via MyCenturaHealth after setting up an account.

Some data won’t be accessible online, but by following the instructions below, you can always get copies of your whole medical record. Records can be made available electronically if needed.


Does the Centura health portal permit me to view my family’s health records?

Yes. If the family member gives you access to the portal once you obtain the proxy account, you can view the data there. For further information, see the Proxy access terms & conditions.

How does MyCenturaHealth guarantee safety?

Your health information’s security and confidentiality are extremely important to us. User names, passwords, and security codes specific to each user limit access to your information. Each user is in charge of their own password, which is required to connect to their account. Unlike traditional email, all communications only take place while you are connected.

How should I proceed if my activation code is invalid?

The codes expire after 30 days to safeguard your security. They lose their validity after being used for the first time. If you have any problems, you can contact us by email at [email protected] or by calling the patient support line at 1-866-414-1562.

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