PTCL Router Login – Wifi Password, Username & IP Address

PTCL routers generally contain a built-in firewall, and VPN capability. These functionalities may be adjusted via the router’s web-based administration interface. PTCL is a Pakistani telecom and internet company 

What Is PTCL Router?

PTCL Router Login is the router’s web address. This interface lets users alter network name, WiFi password, and modem settings (SSID).

PTCL is Pakistan’s national telco (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.). It’s the cornerstone for phone and internet services despite the entrance of Telenor GSM and China Mobile.

 Easy Steps To PTCL Router Login

There are a few straightforward steps to take, just as with other router logins, in order to access the PTCL:

  • In the address bar of your browser, type
  • Press the button. after inputting the admin password and username, log in.

PTCL Router Login

 How To Change PTCL WiFi Password And SSID?

  • Type into a browser to access the router.
  • Choose Wireless from the options.
  • then click Apply/Save.

PTCL Router Login

  •  Press Apply/Save to keep the changes in place.

Default Login For

PTCL Router Login
# Username Password
1 admin admin
2 admin (blank)
3 admin randomly generated
4 admin 1234
5 admin (sticker on the bottom of the device)
6 (blank) admin
7 n/a admin
8 admin Motorola
9 admin password
10 admin DIY-W2914NSV2
11 admin
12 n/a 1234
13 admin
14 admin (label on the bottom of the router)
15 root 0P3N



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