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Rocket league Active helps you link accounts and activate your Epic Games account. You can call the customer support hotline using the contact details listed in this page if you need assistance. Continue reading to find out more!

  • In addition to multiplayer and single-player modes that enable players to play simultaneously online and locally, the game supports cross-platform games that work on all editions.
  • You can access a common inventory amongst all of your Rocket League accounts since you can now link multiple Rocket League accounts to a single Epic Games account!
  • An invitation to set up your first platform will appear once you log into Epic Games.
  • Due to the option to link your Rocket League account to an Epic Games account, it is now feasible to join all Rocket League accounts together to access a shared inventory.

 What Is Rocket League?

A motorized soccer video game called Rocket League was developed in association with Psyonix. The game was made available in July 2015 for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in addition.

In the case of both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 505 Games began to release physical retail editions of the game commencing in the month of June.

The distribution was handled by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2017.

While games were accessible for Linux and macOS in 2016, support for online games was discontinued in 2020.

Users will get free access to the game starting in September 2020.

The two teams competing in Rocket League, which is referred to as “soccer with rocket-powered automobiles,” might each have up to eight players. Each side must strike a ball at their opponent’s goal in order to score points in the game.

Rocketleague Activate

All versions of the game support cross-platform play, and both offline and online multiplayer and single-player modes are available. Later upgrades to the game featured other game modes, such ice hockey and basketball-inspired ones, and gave players the option to change the primary game’s rules.

You may activate your gadget through the interface.

You may now access a shared inventory between all of your Rocket League accounts thanks to the option to link multiple Rocket League accounts to a single Epic Games account!

Why do you do this?

Observe the instructions in the section below!

 Connect Your Epic Game Account

Activation Guide

Signing in to Epic Games displays a sign-in page. Thus, utilize the URL, sign into Epic Games on your browser, and create a new tab.

Note: Try if doesn’t work.

  • Epic Games prompts you to set up your primary platform after logging in.
  • Linking Account: Rocket League Starter
  • The main platform tracks progress for all associated platforms (experience standings, rocket passes, etc.).
  • Choose the platform with the most Rocket Pass progress and market position.
  • Esports and Credit tokens may only be redeemed on their respective networks.
  • Choose the default account to use Rocket Pass standings, experience levels, and competitive standings across all platforms.
  • Default platforms require Yes.
  • No prevents picking another default platform.
  • Account found, Rocket League instructions
  • Congratulations!
  • Verified platform.

Rocketleague Activate

Linking Rocket League And Epic Games Primary Accounts

Rocket League accounts may now be linked to Epic Games accounts to share inventories.

  • Start at www.rocketleague.comactivate.
  • Log in to your Epic Games account and click “Account Settings.”
  • Connect unconnected Steam, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation accounts.
  • After linking accounts, choose your primary account.
  • Rocket League is linked once you confirm.

Enjoy Rocket League accounts linked!

All connected platforms use the primary account’s levels, rankings, and Rocket Pass progress.

All platforms share inventory.

The principal platform links freshly bought game assets.

Credits and Esports tokens can only be utilized on their respective platforms.

Unlinking accounts keeps things on the platform they were bought.

Platform-specific items are only available on the platform’s devices.

Choose wisely as you can swap major platforms daily!

 Customer Service

Rocketleague Activate



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