Why Is Your Sassa R350 Approved But No Payments? Updated For 2022/2023

Why haven’t payments been made for your Sassa R350? Your bank account verification, incorrect financial information, and issues with the post office or EWallet could all be contributing factors. Call the toll-free hotline if you require additional assistance.

 How To Know If Your Application Has Been Accepted Or Denied Status?

By visiting the SRD (Social Relief of Distress Grant) website and then following the instructions below, you can perform the SRD status check.

  • Visit our homepage. Date of SRD R350 payment Check your Sassa status at SRD Sassa Gov.
  • Add the relevant details when appropriate.
  • On the submit button, click.

Whether or not your SRD grant application was accepted, you will be informed.

What Does It Mean Sassa Approval But No Payment?

Sassa pays monthly if they accept your award. If your grant is approved, the South African Social Security Agency requires you to pay R350.

The South African Social Security Agency has authorized 7.5 million SRD grants. Many of them haven’t been paid.

Sassa assesses grant applications to verify they deserve funding. One of these checks entails checking their bank account for excess cash.

A means test determines financial aid eligibility. It shows whether someone’s income surpasses R624.

If the applicant’s income is too high, the grant will be denied. If their account balance is below the threshold, they’ll get Sassa.

 Why was Sassa R350 Approved But No Payments?

Why Is Your Sassa R350 Approved But No Payments

 Reason 1: Wrong Banking Details

The fact that many accepted applicants provided erroneous banking information is the primary cause of their failure to receive payment. Some individuals might have used a name different from the one listed on their bank account.

For instance, if you registered for the SRD grant payment date but your bank account name is Alice Cindy McCarthy but you put Alice McCarthy. As a result, the system can notice a discrepancy between the name on the bank account and the name on your grant. Make sure that these details line up with one another to fix this problem.

Reason 2: Failed Bank Account Verification Checks

The organization clarified that the failure of the verification check or the applicant’s failure to supply all necessary information could be the cause of approved grant applications not being funded.

“Those approved but not paid are those whose records are outstanding bank accounts or failed bank account verification or bank accounts pending National Treasury verification or those who opted cash send payment,” Sassa said.

The purpose of the verification checks is to make sure that the R350 grant money goes solely to those who deserve it. A client’s payment will be postponed while it is decided if they qualify for a grant if they fail to give banking details.

Reason 3: Problems With The Partnered Bank

Although you’re cleared, the agency hasn’t handed your bank or post office the money. You can’t do anything until the agency sends you the money through bank transfer, cash, or mail service.

This problem affects grant recipients who use an e-wallet or just converted from the post office.

The video below explains the causes.

 Why Is My R350 Grant Accepted But No Payment Date?

If your application is granted but there is no payment date, Sassa explained, it signifies that payment has not yet been completed but will be in the near future.

SASSA sources claim that they are making an effort to address the issue within their capabilities because they are fully aware of it. Because there is no specific date for the payment of the special COVID-19 SRD grant, the beneficiaries must maintain their composure and wait.

By helping their beneficiaries, the Sassa offers relief. A paid research found that the majority of recipients—nearly 90%—of the grants went toward buying food, with energy coming in at number two.

Out of the 14 million applicants for the SRD R-350, only 9 million are sure they deserve it. according to the study from last year.

if a significant period of time has passed since you last received your money. The agency can be reached over the phone. You can find the phone number and office address here: Locations of SASSA offices and contacts information

Grant Application Is Approved But No Pay Date, What Do I Do?

Why Is Your Sassa R350 Approved But No Payments

Grants will not be put into other people’s accounts, thus recipients must give their own financial details. This protects against fraud and ensures that the right individual receives the payment.

In order to get SMS notifications for the cash-to-send payment option, they must have a registered mobile phone. This is because Sassa will never pay for a cell phone that is registered to a different person.

It has been suggested that customers who choose the cash-send method and have payment dates listed on their grant status contact the bank of their choice if they have not received their voucher.

It has also been claimed that individuals can get in touch with their registered bank to request a resend of the voucher if they unintentionally deleted the mail containing it.

 How Long Does Sassa Take To Pay SRD Grant After Approval?

A secure website will be used by the organization to request bank account verification after a Sassa online application has been authorized. Any applicant may ask for confirmation that the request is coming from SASSA in order to protect themselves.

After an application has been approved, payments can take up to seven days to process. However, SASSA has emphasized that the grant payment date is not set in stone.

Appeals for R350 grants are also welcome. An appeal is essentially a second chance. You are urged to submit an appeal if you were rejected but feel that the reason was unjust or erroneous.


Can I collect R350 when it says approved?

You can get the money from retailers and merchants after your application has been approved and you’ve been given a payment date.

How will I know if my R350 is in my bank account?

Finding out the status of your grant is simple. Visit the official website if you want. To find out the status of your application if you submitted it over WhatsApp, text the word status to the number 082 046 8553 and follow the prompts on the screen.

Does SASSA money expire if not withdrawn?

If people have already withdrawn their money, the decision cannot be changed unless there are still people who haven’t done so. This is quickly recognized by the system. The funds are available for collection at a later date because they have no expiration date.


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