SASSA SRD Declined Due To UIF Registered – Why?


The rejection of a grant application form for Unemployment Insurance Fund registration on is appealable. Most individuals will appeal a judgment if it is unjust or provides an explanation of why the grant was rejected. If you are rejected for a month, appeal. You need to do specific actions. Learn how to submit an SRD Grant appeal by reading on.

Sign up with your cellphone number

  • Following this, you will receive an SMS requesting your banking information.
  • You must reply to the SMS right away in order to authenticate your account. To verify, click the link.
  • Since the link is associated with your ID number, you must not distribute it to anybody.
  • These procedures must be followed in order for your application to be approved.

About an hour will pass throughout this procedure.

Fill out the application completely.

Letters that are absent or written incorrectly might cause issues during identity verification.

The names you submit should match those on your Smart ID card or other form of identification.

If you are registered under UIF, you are not eligible for the SRD award.

Even if you don’t have a job, you can still apply for an SRD award.

A copy of your ID card must also be sent to the Department of Home Affairs.

SASSA SRD Declined Due To UIF Registered

Why Does SASSA SRD Decline Due To UIF Register

If your SASSA South African Social Security Agency, Covid-19 RD HTML350 grant application was refused owing to a UIF-registered bank account, you can appeal. SASSA provides appeal guidelines. Reference these recommendations.

If UIF-registered accounts exclude applicants, they must demonstrate financial need by showing proof of unemployment or income loss.

Contact SASSA to dispute your UIF denial.

Most SRD appeal forms allow reconsideration.

  • Appealing will result in an SMS. Online status checks are reported.
  • Follow the SMS link and reply fast.
  • Only UIF members can share the link.

UIF registration also disqualifies SRD Grant applications.

If you have a significant UIF account balance but no UIF rewards, this happens.

If you belong to another unemployment fund like the Employment Insurance Fund, this is also feasible.

People use this website. Your R350 grant and Sassa SRD transactions, such as payment claims, payment conditions, and news, are available everywhere.

10 Reasons Why SRD Grants are Declined

These are the most common reasons that SRD R350 grant requests are denied.

  • Alternative income sources identified

The applicant is a worker and has contributed towards income tax.

  • Existing Sassa grant

The applicant is currently a recipient of a Social Grant other than a Child grant.

  • NSFAS Registered

The National Student Fund Aid Scheme is providing a Beaumont to the applicant

  • UIF registered

The applicant is eligible to receive UIF benefits based upon TERS OR Contributions UIF OR is currently receiving Unemployment Insurance Fund benemonjt

  • Gov payroll registered

The applicant is employed in a government institution

  • Age outside range(>60)

The applicant is not eligible for the grant because they do not meet the required age (over 60).

  • Suspended. (Deceased Record on DHA).

The Department of Home Affairs database records the client as deceased.

  • Debtor

The client was paid R350 more than once in cases where the client did NOT qualify. To correct the mistake, the money was withheld. Once all outstanding R350s have been recovered, payments will be resumed if the client qualifies.

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