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 About Shiftwise

It also gives personnel access to a multitude of materials and makes it simpler to check credentials. Additionally, because to its workforce management features, it gives hospitals better control over their personnel expenditures.

 Instruction For Logging Shiftwise Account

What Are The Pre-Login Requirements?

Pre-login criteria are straightforward and easy to understand.

  • To get crucial information, including their shift assignments, all users must have a current email address.
  • All users must also be at least 18 years old.
  • Prior to joining up, users should make sure they are aware of the company’s standards regarding shifts and scheduling.
  • This entails being informed of the bare minimum of hours a user is required to put in each week, any applicable overtime regulations, and the procedure for taking time off or canceling a shift.
  • Last but not least, before they can log in and access the site, all users must concur to follow and comply with the conditions of usage.

Making advantage of these prerequisites will help users get the most out of their experience.

Shiftwise Login

  • Visit the official Freedomsoft website at and adhere to the instructions there.
  • When you click the link, a new tab will open with the rest of the guide and any necessary troubleshooting instructions.
  • Click the Next button after providing your login and password.
  • Once you’ve completed it successfully, you should get a “Congratulations!” notice.
  • Please refer to our troubleshooting instructions here if you are experiencing problems accessing the official website.

Way To Recover The Shiftwise Forgotten Password

Don’t worry if you forgot your Shiftwise password. With the help of Shiftwise’s step-by-step instructions, you may recover it with ease.

  • First, click “Forgot Password” on the Shiftwise page link that is provided above.
  • Then, choose “Send Reset Link” and enter your registered email address. An email with a link to a page where you may change your password will be sent to you.
  • To finish the process, enter your new password twice on this page and click “Submit.” These instructions should assist you in regaining access.

Contact client support right away if you need more help if you can’t seem to get your password back.

Guidelines For Time Tracker Registration

  • Open your browser and navigate to the above-mentioned website by first accessing shift mode.
  • There were two methods for doing this: staff time recording and shift recording.
  • then choose “Extend” under the personnel recording option.
  • The following informational screenshot is missing some information.

Shiftwise Login


What are the rights and licenses granted by shifts?

Shifts provide its users with a range of rights and licenses that enable them to use the platform. The rights and licenses grant users access to their accounts, the ability to view and edit their schedules, post job openings, manage employee information, review employee performance reviews, submit payment requests, generate reports for payroll and billing purposes, receive notifications of system changes, access system data such as employee records and invoices, enter or modify employee pay rates, configure user permissions for staff members, and securely store documents.

Additionally, these licenses abide by pertinent labor laws and privacy protection requirements. The platform offers further capabilities including built-in communication tools that make it easier for businesses to communicate with their employees in addition to these licenses provided by shifts.

Which Sector Does Shiftwise Operate In?

A revolutionary tool called Shiftwise assists firms in finding, hiring, and paying temporary workers. It works in the human resources (HR) industry and focuses on providing services for managing contingent workforces.

Using the platform’s robust search capabilities and automatic communication features, companies may find qualified candidates more quickly. Employers can more effectively manage their temporary workforce by streamlining the onboarding process and automating payroll.

Additionally, it offers a range of alternatives so that businesses can choose their contingent workers based on data. The ultimate objective is to assist businesses in lowering costs while streamlining their staffing processes with more convenience and efficiency.

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