Sobeys Vendor Portal Login: Access Supplier Portal Administrator

Can you readily access the Sobeys Vendor Portal? You are in the right place. You can access the website, change your password, and contact customer care by following the detailed instructions in this page. Please read on for more details!

  About Sobeys Vendor Portal (Or Supplier Portal Administrator)

Sobeys Vendor Portal Login

 Sobeys Vendor Portal Login

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 Sobeys Vendor Portal Login

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Sobeys Vendor Portal Login

Coupon Policy For Sobeys Vendor

A list of Supplier (Vendor) and Store Coupons is provided below:

  • Once the coupon has passed its expiration date, it must still be good.
  • must have a redemption address in Canada.
  • only works when used to purchase the item listed on the coupon
    Pay attention to the coupon even if its face value is higher than the current rate.
  • If the coupon’s value is more than the current rate, pay the difference in cash.
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions. Notably: Sobeys Direct Mail/Scene+ coupons
  • Coupons are only accepted for the item that was purchased during a BOGO deal; they are not accepted for the free item.
  • One (1) coupon may be used per item purchase order, unless otherwise specified on the coupon.
  • On plain paper, coupons from suppliers (vendors) may not be printed or copied.
  • “Mail-In Offer” or “Mail-In For Rebate” cannot appear on a coupon. The consumer must mail these coupons to the specified location.

Sobeys Vendor Portal Login

Customer Service For Help

The AP website at has solutions to all your invoice and payment issues. Entering requires a code. [email protected] if you need one.

Suppliers can seek account adjustments by emailing [email protected] (business name, address, tax registration numbers, etc.).

514-324-1010 is my number. Unless the problem can be fixed online, calls are diverted to the website.

Sobeys Vendor Portal Login

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product return policy?

Sobeys provides a satisfaction guarantee of 100 percent. The guarantee offers a money-back option or a free replacement for any item that failed to satisfy a customer for whatever reason, promising “no excuses” and 100% satisfaction.

Compliments/Signal: Please feel free to return any of our products to the store during your next visit if they ever don’t live up to your standards. We will be pleased to replace or refund your purchase after receiving your complaints and thorough product specifications from the Compliments Customer Care Team.

Why is nutritional information not provided on some items in the bakery and deli?

Items manufactured using standard recipes (a mix made at the store without any additional ingredients) are labeled with a Nutritional Facts Table because the recipes are the same from store to store. The Nutritional Facts Table is not necessary for foods that use a shop-specific recipe because the nutritional information may vary from store to store.

We advise you to ask the bakery or deli department for nutritional information. Shop employees should always be able to provide the component lists, even though the nutritional values may not always be available (due to store substitutions).

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