SRD.SASSA.Gov.Za Banking Details Status Check Balance

You may get financial data at Visit the website and fill out the required fields if you are an SRD SASSA R350 approved beneficiary and you wish to update your R350 information. You may do various actions, update, and check your status.

Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za Banking Details Submission

You must have an online one that you can access from anywhere if you want to update your SASSA account or change your financial details. Please comply with this directive.

Step 1: Submission Online Banking Process

So, how do you give Sassa information? You can accomplish this by carrying out the following steps:

  • Go to to access the SASSA website.
  • To access the “How do I modify my bank details” section, scroll down.
  • Type in your ID number.
  • The mobile phone number registered for the SRD application process will receive an SMS/text message containing the link to the Sassa.
  • Open the message’s details link, then adhere to the directions.

You have some notices to read.

  • After entering your current bank account information, you must wait for the bank to confirm the new banking information.
  • You can use your updated banking information to make payments once the new information has been validated.
  • Please keep in mind that moving forward, payments will be made to the new bank account. If you save the exact data, you’ll need to change them from time to time.

Your bank account information should be provided if you are awarded a Sassa grant. When your r350 grant application is accepted, an SMS with a secure link will be delivered. Recipients can edit information on the same page if you have a valid, active account that has been approved. When requested, be careful to input your reference number and identity number.

Step 2: Bank Verification

  • It doesn’t have a predetermined end date. The bank will send a secure link to the mobile number you provided when registering for the application once you have submitted your information.
  • You will receive notification if you follow the directions in the message.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the payment due date, despite SASSA’s frequent assertions to the contrary.
  • However, it’s vital to remember that you will receive compensation for as many months as you are eligible.

Banking Details – Sassa Application Status Check R350 Grant

 How Many Ways To Check

You may check and get your R350 social payment from srd grant banking in a number of ways. The Moya App can be utilized for this. You can also use WhatsApp on your cellphone or a mobile device.

 Update And Change Banking Details For SRD Grant

SRD.SASSA.Gov.Za Banking Details Status Check Balance

 How may SRD details be changed, then? Look below.

It will be helpful if the bank account you have provided is the one you use to receive grant money. Keep in mind that the bank will only give you the R350 grant if they can verify that you are the genuine owner.

Your bank information has been required by the grant in order to speed up the processing of your grant application. A message with a secure link will be sent to the registered cellphone number you provided when you submit the form. Make sure to include your personal banking details to guarantee that the grant money is paid straight to your account.

After updating the details for your bank account, you may start receiving your prize via your payment card. Paying for your reward at the post office is an alternative choice.

  • Click the link for Sassa banking details.
  • The question “How can I change my financial details?” appears underneath.
  • Click the Submit button after entering the ID number from your document.
  • If you have already registered with Sassa, an SMS with a secure link customized for your phone number will be sent to you.
  • Click the link to view the instructions.

Follow the instructions precisely to complete this process.

Srd Sassa Gov Za Status Check: Balance Check For R350

Via Phone

The steps below can be used to view your SASSA balance from your phone:

  • on your phone, enter 1203210#
  • Observe the guidelines

Try the following if the USSD code mentioned above and verifying your account balance doesn’t work:

  • on your phone, enter 12069277#
  • Observe each step
  • An SMS communication from Sassa should then arrive.

Check Balance With WhatsApp Via Mobile

Using WhatsApp on your smartphone, you can see:

  • Sassa’s WhatsApp application number is 082 046 8553; text “Sassa” to that number.
  • “Status” appears as the response text.
  • If you have a reference number, respond “Yes.”
  • Please respond using the mobile number you provided when requesting the award.
  • Put your reference number in the reply.

Payment Dates

  1. You must keep in mind that the bank does not have set payment schedules. The website does not specify the precise date for each payment, despite the bank having specified award payment dates for R350.
  2. The application does, however, state the day your award will be paid.
  3. Your stipend will typically be disbursed between the tenth and the twelfth of the month. Your other social handouts may not be handed out on this day.
  4. Your grant cannot be paid into another person’s bank account by Sassa. Please make sure the mobile phone number on which you received the SMS is registered in your name if you choose the money transfer option through one of the main banks.
  5. Your grant cannot be paid into a mobile phone that is registered to another person.



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