Thames Valley Employee Portal Login At TVDSB

 What Is Thames Valley Employee Portal?

Thames Valley Employee Portal is an excellent initiative of the Thames Valley District School Board. Thames Valley District School Board. The TVDSB’s Employee Portal helps employees to access information anytime. It can be hard for staff to go to different departments and request pay slip details or other personal information. It’s time-consuming and requires much time for employees. Instead, they could use the time for productive work.

TVDSB Employee Login Portal helps teachers, staff, and other employees log in to their district’s administrative account. All they require is an internet connection as well as an electronic device like smartphones, computers, and tablets that can connect to their TVDSB account. Thames Valley Employee Portal is accessible 24/7. Thames Valley Employee Portal is accessible 24 hours a day. Employees can access the portal whenever they’d like. It’s easier and allows employees to better organize their work and personal life. There are many tools, features, and resources that will help users find the information they need.

Additionally, it’s beneficial for users to modify the information stored in their folders, and also helps in updating the information. If you’re planning to move, or you want to update specific personal details like email address, current telephone number, or address for your home it makes all the work easier. Employees can easily check their time off as well as plan their vacations and family trips and relax their time with online tools. It is more beneficial to make a request for time off online rather than writing an HR request and waiting for the reply. The status of your leave is available on the internet. In addition, the Thames Valley School Board offers additional benefits in addition to leaving.

Every employee finds the online system to be extremely beneficial because it reduces time and lets them organize their tasks quickly. It’s also possible for employees to submit their tax returns online, and apply for allowances. This eliminates the need of filling out paper forms in the office and then wait for a response or even a suggestion.

Thames Valley District School Board | TVDSB

Thames Valley District School Board is a school board that is public located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. TVDSB is among the province’s biggest (and smaller) schools with a multicultural population. It covers a substantial part of Southwestern Ontario, headquartered in London with around 20,000 employees with an annual operating cost of over $1 billion.

TVDSB currently runs 30 primary and secondary schools with an enrollment of over 87,000 students within the Thames Valley area of Ontario. Alongside the London headquarters and four regional offices located in Woodstock, Chatham, Tillsonburg, and Strathroy.

 Log Into The Thames Valley Employee

If you’ve never signed into the TVDSB employee portal or you are looking for the correct way to access it, follow these steps I will outline the basic instructions on how to log into your account.

  1. Visit the home page of the MyTVDSB employee by clicking this link Click here
  2. Input your employer credentials such as username and password into the fields required by your employer.

Thames Valley Employee Portal Login At TVDSB

Click the Login button, and wait for the system’s connection to your TVDSB account.

Thames Valley Employee Portal Login At TVDSB

  Reset Thames Valley Employee Password

You may be denied access to your account if you forget your password. Are you unsure how to reset your Password? Below are the steps you need to reset your TVDSB Active Directory password (AD).

  1. To navigate to the TVDSB staff password recovery page, click the link here from the portal login page.

Thames Valley Employee Portal Login At TVDSB

Enter your username or email to recover your password. Next, enter the characters or words in the audio.

Thames Valley Employee Portal Login At TVDSB

Next, click on the “Next” button and then follow the steps on your screen.

Thames Valley Employee Portal Login At TVDSB


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