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Overview TJ Maxx Credit Card

The TJX Rewards credit card and the TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard are two credit cards with the TJ Maxx brand that are issued by Synchrony Bank. Any TJX company shop or website, including TJMaxx, HomeGoods, Marshall’s credit, Sierra, and Homesense, accepts the TJX rewards credit card. All merchants that accept Mastercard payments also accept the Rewards Mastercard.

You can receive discounts on purchases and accumulate points with a Rewards credit card. To continue receiving these benefits, you must maintain good standing on your accounts. You have three options from the bank to pay using a TJ Maxx credit card: online, by phone, or by mail.

TJMaxx Credit Card Login On Synchrony Bank Website

 Step 1: Open Your Tab

Start your preferred web browser, then create a new tab. We advise using a trustworthy internet browser like Chrome for Windows or Safari for Apple devices for all financial transactions and security.

Step 2: Go To The Website

Click the following URL to access the log-in page: tjx syf com/login/ or tax rewards com

Step 3: Enter Your User ID And Password

You can select the “Remember User ID” checkbox if you want to save your credit user ID for later. Then, as seen in the image below, click the “Secure Sign-in” button. To learn more, scroll down!

TJMaxx Credit Card Login

Recover Forgotten Credit Card User ID

TJMaxx Credit Card Login


  TJX Rewards Credit Card Sign-In Via Mobile App

TJMaxx Credit Card Login

 Why Can’t I Access The Application?

Incorrect credential information is the most frequent cause. This can be avoided by double-checking your information before logging in. You will be informed in advance and won’t be able to sign on during this period. Software updates are carried out often.

T.J.Maxx Card Login Payment

TJMaxx Credit Card Login

How To Make T.J.Maxx Payments Online

Following registration and account setup, you can pay your invoices as follows:

  • assemble the sort code, bank account, and card information.
  • Head over to the Syfy sign-on page.
  • Enter your user ID and passcode from when you registered.
  • To sign in securely, click.
  • In order to finish your process, adhere to the directions.
  • How to make a payment online without registering

You can still pay your bill online even if you don’t want to join up or register. This is how:

 What Happens If Your Payment Is Late?

You are still possible to pay using one of the ways offered if your payment is overdue. Your payments must be made by 5:00 PM ET on the due date indicated on your statement in order to avoid a $27 late fee. If you are late more than once in a six-month period, the cost rises to $38.


How do I link my credit card TJMaxx to my app?

  • Go to the area labeled Rewards.
  • Log in to your phone (or the account you use for Marshalls or HomeGoods)
  • If you haven’t already, click Link My Card.
  • Fill out the link by providing your TJX Rewards credit information.

Does TJX rewards credit card have an application?

You may shop for fantastic fashions whenever and anywhere you want while saving money! Learn about our improved Rewards program! It’s now simpler than ever to approach your earned Rewards Certificates digitally, manage your TJX credit on the road, and redeem your rewards in-store.

How do I check the balance on my TJX card?

You can call (800) 952-6133 or visit the website to check the balance on your credit card. To check your balance, utilize the T.J. Maxx application.

What credit score do you need for T.J. Maxx?

You must have fair credit, which is a score of 620 or more, to be accepted. This is merely a generalization because it will not be the only consideration.

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