TXRHLive Login, Password Reset

By logging onto TXRHLive, employees may view their pay stubs, timesheets, 401(k) statements, and other information. When staff members can view all of the data on their devices, everything becomes absolutely clear and transparent. In this post, PowerPACPlus will describe how to access and reset your password.


  1. Through the Texas Roadhouse Live Portal, employees can take advantage of a variety of benefits.
  2. Having a Texas Roadhouse account has a lot of advantages.
  3. To sign into your Texas Roadhouse Vestal employee account, use the “Login” link.

About Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is an American restaurant franchise. It specializes on steaks and ribs.

Its twin mesquite hickory logs are famous. Texas Roadhouse strives to be the premier large-scale casual restaurant by providing excellent cuisine and service.

Wayne Kent Taylor founded Texas Roadhouse in 1993. Texas Roadhouse has 666 locations and 64,900 employees.

To keep up with its growth, Texas Roadhouse built a training center in Louisville, Kentucky. New recruits receive essential information and skills at the training facility before commencing work. Many future leaders were trained there.

 TXRHLive Login Portal

Texas Roadhouse employees may instantly log in and access their personal information, health insurance check slips, timesheets, check slips, and much more through the Texas Roadhouse Live Employee Login Portal, a secure online portal.

It gives employees access to a number of key features, including the ability to register for benefits, views their pay stubs, and monitor their 401K contributions. Access to the personnel directory and filing of expenditure reports are further services. Keep track of your training hours as well.

Through the Texas Roadhouse Live Portal, employees can take advantage of a variety of benefits. With the Portal, individuals may sign in from any location using a username and password that were generated during registration.

Benefits Of Texas Roadhouse Employee Login Portal 

Having a Texas Roadhouse TXRHLive account comes with a lot of advantages. Following are a handful of them:

  • Employees can examine their pay stubs thanks to this.
  • assists you in enrolling for benefits.
  • Employees can view their retirement plan contribution history.
  • Access to timesheets and expense reports is simple.
  • Training hours can be easily tracked by employees.
  • Users who are logged in can access the features through a single online account, which gives them access to their data from any web browser.

  TXRHLive Login Employee Instructions 

TXRHLive Login

To access your Texas Roadhouse Vestal employee login account, use the “Login” link.

TXRHLive Login

Reset Password For TXRHLive Employees

Password for the TXRHLive employee login forgotten? If so, you can reset the password by doing the following:

  • Click the “Forgot password” link on the login page to be taken to a different page where you can change your password.
  • Next, enter your login in the appropriate field and click the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.
  • After that, select “Next” and then adhere to the instructions.

TXRHLive Login

 People also ask

Can I get the Texas Roadhouse app on my phone?

Yes, you may download a free app for your phone from the Google Play Store. However, you must ensure that your phone has enough storage space because the app is 66.1 m.

Does Texas Roadhouse Pay Apple?

Having said that, the Texas Roadhouse app has recently introduced support for Apple Pay as of today, January 12, so if you’re a regular customer and have it, you’re in luck.

All of this implies that if you buy something through the Texas Roadhouse app, you can now pay for it using Apple Pay at the register.

What is the best thing to order at Texas Roadhouse?

The Best Food at Texas Roadhouse | Prices for Texas Roadhouse

  1. barbecued shrimp.
  2. roasted potatoes
  3. Cut of Ribs.
  4. ribeye with bones.
  5. Excellent entree.
  6. With ribs and ribeye.
  7. Cinnamon butter and buns.
  8. Pasta with Sierra Chicken.

Texas Roadhouse Help Desk Contact Information

 Phone number: 1-855-698-7446

official link; https://sso.texasroadhouse.com/

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