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View their health information, including their current medical appointment, with UCI Portal Login.   will explain how to log in, reset passwords, and apply in this tutorial.

Steps to access the UCI patient portal Visit the official site’s homepage.

Select the next question, answer the password reset question, and input your response.

To activate my UCInetID”If you’ve forgotten your UCI Patient Portal password, take these steps to reset it.

Upload your flu vaccine record, provide your immunization date, or claim through your Student Health site.

 What Is UCI Portal?

UCI Portal Login

The final step is that you must click on the “Login”button to log in to your account.

UCI Portal Login

Reset UCI Student Health Portal Login Password

UCI Portal Login

Input your personal information in the image below.

UCI Portal Login

Click to”Validate UCInetID information” and click on the “Validate UCInetID information” button to recover the password.

UCI Portal Login

Benefits Of UCI Student Health Portal

Control your health securely with the UCI Patient Portal. UCI Patient Portal is available 24/7. UCI Patient Portal and vital health information. Portal access:

  • Examine your test results Check lab and X-ray results.
  • List your current medicines.
  • Renew regulations
  • Track blood pressure, weight, activity, and diet.
  • Remember screenings and other preventative health care.
  • Update insurance and contact details.
  • Appointment
  • Complete forms before appointments.
  • Check your next appointments.
  • Online billing

 UCI Applicant Portal

If you’re not sure which portal to use to apply take our guide below to make you apply more easily!

  1. After logging in page, tap ” Activate my UCInetID” and you’ll be taken to a new page.
  2. Fill in the blanks , including:
  • Student ID Number (ex: 12345678)
  • Date of Birth (MMDDYY)
    The last 4 digits from Social Security
  • Password
  • Confirm password

UCI Portal Login

Then, select the question to answer the question about password reset and type in your answer.

UCI Portal Login

After having read and agreeing to the terms of UCI computer and network after which you click “Yes I accept. Activate my UCInetID”

UCI Portal Login


Where is the Student Health Center?

The Student Health Center (SHC I) is located on campus, at the corner of East Peltason and Pereira Drive. The building is 5 on campus maps. Student Health Center II (Building No. 6, on campus maps) is situated across the street. It is home to the dental clinic as well as administrative offices.

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