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  1. You can get comprehensive information on the University of Dodoma’s courses, handbook, prospectus, students brochure/ebook, faculties, and departmental dues on the UDOM SR2 website.
  2. The University of Dodoma’s (UDOM) faculty and students can manage the UDOM student record management system, tasks, and changes online thanks to the ARIS UDOM Student Portal.
  3. If students encounter any issues with their profile or any of the aforementioned ways, they can visit their department for more information about the University of Dodoma (UDOM) student login portal.
  4. The University of Dodoma has improved its platform for offering assistance to logged-in students by giving a Helpline number (UDOM Phone Number) to college students.

What Is UDOM SR2?

UDOM SR2 is a platform that, when accessed through the UDOM SR2 Portal, gives you complete details about the University of Dodoma’s courses, handbook, prospectus, students brochure/ebook, faculties & departmental dues, students guidebook, constitutional law, rules and regulations, program duration, application and registration deadlines, curriculum, transcript due dates, and term dates.

The content on this page of tzscholars.com was taken from the university’s official website. The Institution of Dodoma is a public university located in the capital city of Dodoma.

UDOM SR2 Login

UDOM is well-positioned to help candidates from all over the country due to Dodoma’s geographic center, especially Dodoma-based government and commercial sector employees who, up until now, had trouble finding training choices in the area.

These employees can easily use UDOM to combine jobs and education for their professional advancement. Due to its location and the weather in Dodoma, UDOM is a viable choice for international students.

 UDOM SR2 Results from Today’s Login Guide

  1. To access the Student Record Management System, go to the sr2.udom.ac.tz/auth website (SRMS)
  2. Put in your UDOM login information.
  3. To finish logging into your SR2 account, click the “Login” button.

Learn more using Colegio Login and Clever Login, which also provide step-by-step guidance for logging in and changing your password.

UDOM SR2 Login

Reset Forgotten SR2 Account Login Password

Lost your profile or school portal password? To retrieve or change your password, follow these steps.

  • Click here for UDOM password recovery.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Menu: “Send new password”
  • Check your email for UDOM’s student portal password.

UDOM SR2 Login

 UDOM SR2 Results Login With Dodoma University SR2 Mobile App

UDOM SR2 Login

Student Portal Login UDOM

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) Student Portal gives users access to details about the university’s courses, admission standards, departmental cutoff scores, college fee payment policies, academic calendar, result checker, handbook, grading scheme, fee schedule, and how-to calculate your points (GP & CGPA), among other learning-related activities.

The UDSM Online Application article includes information about other schools’ online admissions applications. Just go and have fun there!

Comprehensive information, such as UDOM Courses Offered, Faculties & Departmental Dues, and Students Guide Book, can be found in the University of Dodoma, UDOM courses outline | handbook | prospectus | students brochure/ebook.

This website contains information that can aid you in your academic career, such as the Constitutional Law, Rules and Regulations, Courses/Programs Duration, Application Dates, Registration Dates, Curriculum, Drop/Spill Over Course Guide, Transcript, and Term Dates.

UDOM SR2 Login

Customer Service

The University of Dodoma has improved its platform for offering assistance to logged-in students by giving a Helpline number (UDOM Phone Number) to college students.

The school has a team of knowledgeable employees who can be reached by phone or email for high-quality assistance from students using the following contact information:

  1. Contact information: (+255) 262310003
  2. Address for correspondence: PO Box 259 Dodoma, Tanzania
  3. Informational email: [email protected]

Questions and Answers

What are the SRMs of Udom?

Administrators, students, and professors may access data for the entire school online thanks to the SRMS system. This includes a wide range of information, including test scores, attendance records, and performance reviews.

Why ought you to select Udom?

UDOM is in a good position to help candidates from all over the country because of its geographic location in Dodoma, especially Dodoma-based employees of the government and private sector who, up until now, had trouble obtaining training choices in the region.

How can I verify that I chose Udom?

Access the applicant’s profile at (http://application.udom.ac.tz) using their PASSWORD. simply inputting their SPECIAL CODE into UDOM’s admissions system, applicants may confirm their admittance. Your enrollment status at UDOM will thereafter be accurately checked.

What is the location of my UDOM control number?

You will thus be issued a control number after clicking a payment button that you may use to pay the 10,000/=TZS application cost. You will now see the status “successful Payment” and be able to go on to the next step when the payment has been made successfully.

How many pupils attend UDOM?

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania ratified the Charter, and the University of Dodoma was officially founded in March 2007 after that. The first academic offerings were made available in September 2007. Seven colleges make up the university, and each has its own campus.

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