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Veeva Vault Login This article is the best option for you If you’re having trouble connecting to the website. If you’re the first time trying Veeva Vault, the Veeva Vault function does not worry, the system will provide you with all the details you require. Let’s get started!

  • The sole system for managing content that is able to manage both contents and the data of a user can be Veeva Vault.
  • Veeva Vault is a set of tools and a true cloud portal for document management specially designed for the life sciences.
  • If your device meets the following minimum specifications you can get Vault Mobile. You can download the Vault Mobile app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store(r)
  • Users need to input their username and then click Next to sign into Vault’s Mobile App.

About Veeva Vault

Businesses are frequently asked to develop applications to handle content and the data that goes with it. Veeva Vault EDC is the only content management system that can handle both content and data management.

All processes from start to finish for the medical, commercial and clinical, regulatory safety, and quality sectors may be streamlined by removing site, system, and national silos.

For the life sciences industry, Veeva Vault is a suite of tools and a true cloud-based corporate document management platform.

Veeva Vault Login


  • You’ll never have to deal with outdated software as Veeva constantly invents the latest IQ/OQ-validated updates.
  • High performance: To ensure that every app maintains the highest level of efficiency, performance is continually monitored and enhanced.
  • Then leave no trace: There’s no equipment to be maintained or installed software or update, and there are no expensive upgrades.
  • Provides services to small and large companies: To meet the needs of businesses of any size subscriptions can be resized upwards or downwards.

Veeva Vault Login Portal

  1. Visit your Veeva Vault site by visiting

 Veeva Vault Login

 Recover Veeva Login Username

Veeva Vault Login

Reset Veeva Vault Login Password

    1. Select”Forgot password?” or click on the “Forgot Password?” link
    2. Enter the user name that is linked with your Veeva Vault Account (for example, )
  • Hit”Continue” “Continue” button
  • Check your email for instructions on how to reset your Veeva Vault password for login.

Certain users create, save and store usernames and passwords to a huge number of login accounts by using password management software (like LastPass or KeePass) or the settings of their browsers.

The password manager can be set to automatically enter your account password when you visit your Vault login page if the security policy allows it. Administrators can block the password managers and browsers from remembering and automating the password fields in the Vault login page.

Veeva Vault Login

Veeva Login With Mobile App

Step 1: Download The Vault Mobile App

If your phone meets the minimum specifications listed below then you can get Vault Mobile. Vault Mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store(r): Android 8.0+ and iOS 14.0+

Users need to Google search to find Veeva Vault and select Get to get the software through the Apple App Store(r).

 Veeva Vault Login

Step 3: Set Up Authentication

 Veeva Vault Login

 Customer Service

Veeva Vault Login

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my Veeva Vault session ID?

An authentication request will give you a session ID to use for future API requests This will be the first API call. Make a call to the auth endpoint in order to complete this. The username and password URL-encoded form parameters (x-www-form-urlencoded) are required for the auth endpoint ( /api//auth ).

How do I upload files to the Veeva Vault?

Select to go into the Files category. Click the Document Files category. Within the Renditions section Click”+. Pick the Large Size Asset rendition option from the upload Rendition Pop-up Box. Click or use the Vault File Manager


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