Way2go Card Georgia Login Debit Card, Unemployment Benefits & Customer Service

With a valid Way2go Georgia login, customers may check their balance and unemployment benefits. How to get into your online Georgia Unemployment Insurance Benefits account, check your Way2Go card’s balance, and more.

 About Georgia Way2go Card

The Georgia Department of Labor issues the Georgia Way2Go Card, an electronic debit card. It is employed to pay for other Unemployment Insurance payments as well as unemployment compensation.

The card is accepted practically everywhere that MasterCard is, including ATMs, supermarkets, shops, and more. There is no need to wait for a check to arrive in the mail or visit the bank because the monies will be sent to the UI Way2Go card account electronically.

Way2go Card Georgia Login

The card can also be loaded again, allowing for repeated use. The Way2Go Card makes it simple to swiftly and securely access your money if you receive unemployment benefits or other Unemployment Insurance payments from Georgia.

The Georgia Unemployment Insurance (UI) Way2Go® Debit MasterCard®, administered by Go Program® and issued by Comerica Bank, is a convenient replacement for paper checks.

Benefits can either be put into a bank account or placed onto a debit card for unemployed persons. The UI Way2Go Debit MasterCard® will be mailed to those who have not registered for direct deposit.

 Way2go Card Georgia Login

Way2go Card Georgia Login

After that, you will have access to your account and be able to examine details like your current balance, transaction history, and more.

Please call Debit Mastercard® Customer Service at 1-866-265-8419 if you need help with anything relating to your GA Way2Go® Card, including problems logging in or other issues.

 Register A New Georgia Way2go Account

Way2go Card Georgia Login

 Way2Go Debit Card Georgia Features

  1. You can load funds onto a reloadable Way2go card that can be used at any retailer with your Georgia unemployment benefits.
  2. Participants can access their funds using the GoProgram Way2Go card without opening a bank account, paying check cashing fees, or using money transfer services, saving time and money.
  3. No minimum balance is needed, and monthly fees for “active” account holders are never higher than $1.
  4. With direct deposit, you can deposit your paycheck into your checking account on the first of each month.
  5. Free and limitless customer service is available 24/7/365 for all inquiries.
  6. Less Waiting for Paper Checks
  7. Cashing paper checks is cost-free.
  8. Additionally, users must access your Georgia unemployment at any networked Comerica Bank ATM.

Way2go Card Georgia Login

About Georgia Unemployment Benefits

  • The method used to safeguard your anonymity when requesting unemployment benefits
  • It may be used similarly to a Mastercard to facilitate straightforward transactions at ATMs and in-store.
  • Never worry about a paper check being lost or stolen again by enrolling in direct deposit with your card. Your wages will be automatically withheld from your bank account each paid month.
  • Only the user ID that is inscribed on the back of your card can be used to make direct deposits.
  • For instance, you don’t need to sign up for another program to use fee-free ATMs like Transfer Money and Go Program® MoneyPass.
  • You may always access your unemployment benefits with this card.

 How To Replace Lost Or Stolen Way2Go Card From Georgia

Way2go Card Georgia Login

 Georgia UI Way2go Customer Service

  • Call 1.888.929.2460 to reach Mastercard® customer care.
  • Opening times: round-the-clock

Customer support agents are available to help you:

  1. keep the state stable
  2. Select or alter your Social Security number and Individually Numbered Identification (IIN) (PIN).
  3. Examine your previous purchases.
  4. Ask about specific card usage incidents.
  5. File a lost-or-stolen card report Declare a purchase in dispute
  6. Set up low balance alerts or turn your phone into a deposit reminder.


What is the Georgia UI Way2Go®  card?

The paper checks that are processed by Go Program® and issued by Comerica Bank are easily replaced by the Georgia Unemployment Insurance® (UI) Way2Go® Debit MasterCard®. Benefits for the unemployed can be placed into a Georgia debit card or transferred into a bank account.

How do I register my Way2Go®  card online?

  1. You must first register for an account. Visit find out more, go to www.goprogram.com.
  2. Second, confirm the legitimacy of the Way2Go® card. Put the Way2Go® card number and CVV code in the appropriate fields (on the back of the card)
  3. Third, confirm that the user is authentic.
  4. We now move on to the fourth step, which is account creation.
  5. Step 5 involves establishing a personal identification number (PIN) and activating your card.
  6. Go to Step 6 to manage PINs.

How do I activate my new way-to-go card?

You can visit GoProgram.com, download the Way2Go® app (Apple Store | Google Play), or call 855-462-5887 to activate your Card, set up a PIN, or check your balance. You can instantly start using your Card to make purchases and pay bills online or in-person everywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

How do I activate my Georgia Eppicard?

Before using your card, it must first be activated with your PIN (PIN). Simply follow the on-card instructions to choose a PIN. Pull out your card, then make a purchase with it. Your signature or PIN is required by the teller to finish the transaction.

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