Way2go Card Illinois Login Debit MasterCard & Child Support Payment

You may rapidly make payments using either your debit card or checking account by logging in to your Way2go Card Illinois account. You can pay your bills and make purchases with this Card® without having to carry cash or write cheques. The Illinois Card makes it simple and secure to keep track of your finances because every transaction is electronically recorded.

 Information About Way2go Card Illinois

Prepaid debit cards like the Way2Go Card® make it simpler to access Illinois unemployment and reemployment benefits. It’s a useful tool for managing the Reemployment Assistance Program funding (AREAP).

Users can check their account balance and recent transactions using the website or mobile app if they have a valid Way2Go® user ID. They can use it to acquire cash from ATMs in dozens of nations, make recurring payments, and make purchases in-person or online.

Managing your finances is simple and secure with a Way2Go®debit card, and you won’t have to worry about overdrafts or recurring fees. Users can ensure that their hard-earned money is always within reach by creating an account.

Way2go Card Illinois Login

This debit Card®, which is manufactured by MasterCard®, can be used to make online purchases, withdraw money from ATMs, and pay bills on a monthly basis. The government’s TANF program as well as privately run organizations that handle child support payments may both be used to fund it.

You will receive a personal identification number (PIN) shortly after signing up, and you can contact the service’s customer care team by phone or online (using your username and password).

While using the Card® to make purchases or pay for services is free, using an ATM to withdraw cash may have additional fees.

Applying for programs like the California CalFresh food stamp program and the Illinois Way2Go® can both be done through donotpay.org. You don’t need to carry cash or pay hefty fees when using a credit Card®; you can take our money anytime you need it.

 Guidance Way2go Card Illinois Login Online

Way2go Card Illinois Login

Any ATM can be used to make deposits and withdrawals, and money can be moved between accounts. You only need to register online and wait for your Card® to arrive in the mail to get started. Log in Managing your accounts is now simpler than ever thanks to your Way2Go® sign in Illinois. The actions to take are as follows:

  • The website is located at https://www.goprogram.com/.
  • Select the “Sign in” option to log in.
  • Please log in with the information from your Way2Go® card.
  • Click the “LOG-IN” button in the green box to sign in.

Click “Forgot UserID” on the login screen to retrieve a forgotten user ID or password.

 IL Unemployment Benefits  

Way2go Card Illinois Login

 Features Of Using The IL Way2Go® Card

Residents who have applied for or are otherwise qualified for these programs have access to this data.

You may more easily make a budget that works for you now that you are aware of how much money is on your Card®, how much money is accessible, and how much money you might receive through benefits.

How are you ensuring that you continue to receive rewards? Changes to names on Card® are irreversible, however, this is the right time to make the change.

Way2go Card Illinois Login

Eppicard Fees And Charges

Every Comerica debit MasterCard®-related charge.

  • I called support. Up to four (4) calls to the IVR of the customer care center are free per month. It’s free to dispute a transaction or report a lost or stolen card.
  • Unusual card®. After the initial Card® issue, replacement Cards® cost $5 and are mailed. Overnight shipping is $15 more. In good standing, you can acquire a free replacement Card®.
  • Globalizing. International exchange encompasses ATM, teller, POS, and cashback transactions outside the US. Foreign ATM owners may add a premium to the $1.25 fee. Foreign purchases incur a currency conversion cost.
  • Bank withdrawals You may use your Card® to make a free cash withdrawal from any MasterCard® network bank teller window.
  • ATM check Each balance inquiry costs $0.50.
  • ATM refusal If you try to withdraw money but can’t afford the cost, the ATM won’t charge you.

Way2go Card Illinois Login

How To Check Your Illinois Balance

  • Once you create an account on Eppicard.com, you can check your balance and make exchanges whenever you choose.
  • The cost to use an ATM inside the same network as your bank account is fifty cents per withdrawal.
  • Create a free phone, text message, or email low-balance alarm.
  • Calling 1-877-225-7077 will cost $0.35 for up to four calls per month to check your low balance and hear your transaction history.


What is Way2Go Card® IL?

The Way2Go® Prepaid Debit Mastercard® does not require a credit Card® to be used. You may be eligible for a Comerica Bank Debit Card®, which is issued by Comerica Bank and insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation if you receive child support payments from the State Department of Human Services (FDIC). Registration does not require a bank account or income verification.

How do I unlock my Way2Go® in IL?

Visit GoProgram.com, download the Way2Go® app, activate your Card®, set up a PIN, or call 1-877-567-1769 if you run into issues activating your Card®.

How can I get all my money off my Way2Go®?

Wherever you see the MasterCard® acceptance sign in the world, Way2Go® cardholders can access a wide range of cash machines that are eager to distribute cash. The owner of the ATM may charge a surcharge fee in a number of circumstances.

Can you use Way2Go® on the Cash App?

Prepaid cards are not accepted by Cash App, thus you must link a bank account or a card that they accept.

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