Way2go Card NJ Login, Debit Card & New Jersey Child Support

Way2Go Card NJ Login customers may see child support balances and payments online. Way2Go New Jersey lets customers take debit card payments quickly and securely. Way2Go customers in New Jersey may handle child support payments without calling.

   About Way2go Card New Jersey (Child Support)

Way2go Card® New Jersey uses debit cards for money access. Goprogram.com lets you activate your card and transfer money without entering personal details.

Once activated, you’ll have access to NJFSS and MasterCard. The smartphone app lets you track card transactions in real time.

You may examine your card account’s balance and recent activity. Follow Conduent’s instructions after entering the 16-digit card code.

Way2go Card NJ Login

  Way2go Card NJ Login Prepaid Debit Card

Way2go Card NJ Login

  1. To log in, abide by the instructions below:
  2. To see the official website, go to www.goprogram.com.
  3. the username and password you use.
  4. Select Login.

Following the procedure, you will be able to manage your Way2Go New Jersey account online and get alerts anytime costs are applied or new cards are produced. The New Jersey Department of Human Services uses the Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc. trademark The Go Program® under license. Reserved for all other rights.

 New Jersey Way2go Customer Service

Way2go Card NJ Login


How do I contact the Way2Go customer helpdesk?

Please call 1-888-929-2460 to select a Personal Identification Number (PIN). When prompted, enter your card number.

How do I speak to someone at Way2Go Card New Jersey?

When my Way2Go is stolen, can I obtain a new one? If your Way2Go card has been lost, stolen, or damaged, call 1-844-551-0029 right away. A customer-care representative can assist you in getting a new Way2Go.

What is the Way2Go program in New Jersey?

A Way2Go Debit Card can now be used to make child support payments that were previously done with an EPPIC card. You received a new Way2Go on or around October 20, 2021. You can call (833) 322-1441 to activate your new card over the phone, using the Way2Go app, or at the go program.

Why can’t I withdraw money from my card?

When your ATM won’t release cash even though you have enough money in your account, scammers may have accessed your card information. Learn which ATM you used, what time it was, and how much you attempted to withdraw. You should visit your bank and inform them of the problem.

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