What Is SASSA SRD Grant? The General Information

 What Is Sassa SRD?

To determine whether a person can afford the monthly payments, a means-testing mechanism known as the Sassa SRD is in effect. Monthly expenses are met through the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award.

  • In order for you to get access to this program:
  • A person must be working and have a stable source of income.
  • To be approved, the application form must be submitted online and meet specific criteria.
  • If the grant application is not filed by the deadline, it will be denied since it requires time.
  • If a candidate is not selected for financing, they may request a refund. They can receive a Referred SAFPS denial informing them that SAFPS has decided they are a fraudster.

 Sassa SRD Appeal

You can do the following to check the progress of an appeal or a reconsideration online:

  • By selecting the “Application for Reconsideration” tab on the grant web page, submit a fresh application.
  • Both the ID number and their cell phone number are needed.
  • Observe the directions displayed on the screen. An applicant may be turned down in a particular month because the SASSA grant application status process runs on a monthly basis.

The award is not a part of the general budget, and the R350 grant available at the moment is only applicable to households earning up to R629 per month. However, a number of parties have demanded that the poverty threshold in South Africa, which is R629. However, Sassa does not set the grant’s amount; instead, the Department of National Treasury does.

Sassa SRD Status Check

Online or SMS-based SASSA SRD status checks are available in the following ways:

  • You will receive an SMS notification that the grant has been authorized if your application is accepted. On the day mentioned in the SMS, the grant will be paid out.
  • The organization advises grant recipients to educate themselves as much as they can about the Sassa status check and grant application procedure.
  • You may learn more about R350 SRD grant applications on their website.

Srd.Sassa.Gov.Za Banking Details

You must be aware of the srd submission process. To access the Social Relief of Distress service, provide your banking information to Sassa at sassa.gov.za.

  • The address of the website is srd.sassa.gov.za.
  • Go down to the “How can I modify my banking details?” section.
  • Type your identifying number in the box.
  • The mobile phone number provided while enrolling for the application will get an SMS or Text message including a link to the banking information.


 Contact To Sassa


Please call Sassa’s toll-free hotline if you have any inquiries concerning your grant application.

  • The helpline can give district office phone numbers, eligibility requirements, and pay-out dates. It is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day.
  • How to report fraud can be obtained from the contact center. The number to call is 0800 60 10 11.

Maintaining the accuracy of your personal information is essential because Sassa cannot confirm the phone numbers or bank accounts of other people. You must change your bank information right away to avoid losing notifications. If you don’t update right away, your application can be rejected and you’ll have to start over.

The SASSA is a government organization tasked with ensuring that the rights and benefits of its constituents are duly granted. There are several helpful hints on Sassa’s website that might help you keep your information current.

The South African Social Security Agency has published the payment dates for the unique COVID-19 Social Relief grant. Reapplications for grants for the COVID-19 cycle are invited in April 2022 from both new and previous grantees. The tighter standards of this new approach could make getting the funding more challenging.

To make a grant application,

  • Visit the official website or get the app for your smartphone.
  • On a desktop or mobile device, go to the menu section and choose “Sassa Services.”
  • Select the drop-down menu’s ‘SRD Grant’ option.
  • In the application form, you must input the six-digit OTP and validate your mobile number.

Incorrect entries will result in the application being rejected. The Department of Social Development is the place where you can make an appeal.


Who qualifies for Sassa SRD?

You are in a desperate situation if a catastrophe or calamity has occurred (your house may have burned down, for example). You have a medical condition that prevents you from working for less than six months.

What does it mean when the grant is approved?

The application has currently been accepted. To find out when they will get their money, clients can check the payday field. If there is no payday value indicated, there has not yet been a payment.

How much is Sassa’s grant now?

The R350 grant is available to almost 10 million people each month.

How long is the SRD grant paid for?

It has been prolonged for an additional year. This indicates that the grant’s expiration date is March 2023.

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