When Is The Next SRD SASSA Payment For 2022 & 2023?

Next SRD SASSA payments? If you’re getting the SRD Grant, you may have asked when it’s due. Reapplications were announced earlier this year. December begins the next cycle. New grants start then.

This year’s Sassa payouts will be monthly, so beneficiaries won’t get the double amount.

The government will pay qualified recipients, but you may have to wait until the award cycle.

 When Is The Next SRD SASSA Payment?

When Is The Next SRD SASSA Payment For 2022 & 2023?

  Sassa SRD Status Check For R350

According to Sassa’s status check, the application will be reviewed by the organization six times from the day it was filed. Your application will be examined until April 2022, for example, if you submit it in March. You can take your award to any Post Office location once it has been approved.

  1. After you submit an R350 grant application, the government will check your bank account information to make sure you are not a scam.
  2. A transaction that hasn’t been validated may happen if you don’t have the right information.
  3. You’ll receive an SMS alert.
  4. When the dates of your grant for payment are due, SASSA will send you an SMS or email to let you know.

It is advised to change your account details right away if you are approved for both payments.

The payments won’t be made all at once; they’ll be made each month.

For 2022–2023, the grant has released a revised payment schedule.

Grants will start to be handed out in April 2022 on the second of every month, as opposed to the first.

The Covid-19 virus affected the prior pay schedule, and the SASSA was informed of concerns from the recipients.

This will restrict its growth. virus. To ensure that you can get your money whenever you need it, it’s critical to maintain your payments organized.

Each month, more than 10 million recipients—roughly half of South Africa’s most disadvantaged—receive these SASSA R350 payments.

The most disadvantaged individuals received the grants, and there were 11 million recipients in all.


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